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This was my university thesis project, completed in 2017 under the suprevision of Distinguished Professor
Peter Corke. It is a class-based interface designed for use with Peter Corke's Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB.
It wraps V-REP's Remote API MATLAB bindings, and provides a set of classes to mirror simulation objects in the
MATLAB workspace. The goal is to make it a bit simpler to interact with V-REP in MATLAB.

It is released under an MIT License with no warrenty in the hope anyone who finds it useful expands upon it.


A simulator object, VREP.m, creates and manages the V-REP Remote API connection. 
'v = VREP();' will by default attempt to connect to the V-REP Remote API on localhost (
VREP.m also wraps the majority of V-REP's Remote API methods, see the documentation in VREP.m for a full list of methods.

An entity object, sim_entity.m, represents a generic object inside the V-REP scene.
Factory methods are provided in VREP.m to generate these objects.
'obj = v.entity('objname');' will create an instance of the sim_entity.m class for the V-REP scene object 'objname'.
The entity object is subclassed for specific object types such as joints, camera's, LiDAR's, etc.

The V-REP object types supported in this initial release are:

*	Generic entities: sim_entity.m
*	Joints: sim_joint.m
*	Spherical Joints: sim_spherical_joint.m
*	Vision Sensors: sim_vision_sensor.m
*	XY Sensors: sim_xy_sensor.m
*	XYZ Sensors: sim_xyz_sensor.m
*	RGB/Greyscale Image Sensors: sim_camera.m
*	Depth Image Sensor: sim_depth_camera.m
*	(TRS Task) RGBD Camera: sim_cameraRGBD.m 
*	Proximity Sensor: sim_proximity_sensor.m
*	Force Sensor: sim_force_sensor.m
*	Fast (Image Sensor Type) Hokuyo: sim_fast_hokuyo.m
*	Arm Assemblies: sim_arm.m
*	Standard V-REP youBot Model: sim_youBot.m
*	(TRS Task) Modified youBot Model: sim_youBot_TRS.m
*	(diffBot Demo) Basic Differential Robot Model in diffBot_Demo: sim_diffBot.m


Peter Corke's Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB is required.


Clone, or download as zip and extract, into a folder on your MATLAB path.

To use the V-REP Remote API the following 3 files must be in a folder 
on your MATLAB path:

    * remoteApiProto.m
    * remApi.m
    * One of the following library files:
        * remoteApi.dll (Windows)
        * (Linux)
        * remoteApi.dylib (OSX)

These files are found in:

See the documentation in VREP.m for alternatives.


See trs_demo and diffBot_demo repositories.


This code is provided as-is under an MIT License. Have fun! :)


* Add support for VREP 3.5
* Seperate the classes representing the diffBot and TRS youBot into their repective repositories.
* @Folder method of defining VREP.m class. This would make it easier to add factory methods for new object types.
  E.g. @newobjtypefactory.m in @VREP. Would allow factory methods to be provided in packages containing new object types without     
  overwriting/modifying the VREP.m file.
* Rework Image Sensor handling. There are currently 5 classes representing variations of Image Sensor operations, this seems   
  a bit redundant.


A RTB interface for V-REP's Remote API.







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