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Sli3DR -RepRap 3D Printer design by RichRap
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RichRap Added Repetier Firmware for Sli3DR - V1
Added Repetier Firmware for Sli3DR
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PLEASE READ License, project and contact info - 

This Design is part of the RichRap Sli3DR 3D Printer (A RepRap project) 

Thank you for downloading, please be aware and abide by the license all these files.

The RichRap Sli3DR 3D Printer uses an 
Attribution - ShareAlike Creative Commons V3 (CC BY-SA 3.0) -

This License is not greatly restrictive at all, so please don't forget to attribute my work 
and acknowledge. 

If you decide to print and sell these or make further changes, 
improvements or additions, that's great! I want you to do that !

I hope this work has been of some use to you, 
if you wish to say hello or donate towards further developments please see my Blog 
here -

Many thanks - Richard Horne (RichRap)

Please feel free to contact me.

My website -
Catch me on Twitter @RichRap3D
Watch me on YouTube -

Please see for information about the RepRap Project.
Please visit the RepRap forum -

These files were originally shared on  -            

Please support this growing and open community.
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