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About this repository

This is a repository containing links to various conferences and their talk recordings, slides, etc. In academia, these are called proceedings and that's as good a name as any.

Using this repository

To use this repository, you will need to install git-annex.

Once you have installed git-annex, simply run

git clone git://
cd conference_proceedings
cd $interesting_conference
git annex get $interesting_talk

And git-annex will start downloading said talk all by itself. To download everything in a given directory and all of its subdirectories, simply run

git annex get .

, but please be aware that this can use a lot of disk space and cause a lot of traffic.

Submitting patches

Please use a fresh clone of this repository to import new talks; else you will leak information about your history via git-annex's location tracking feature.

Please use git annex addurl --relaxed, so that git-annex only stores the url and not its hash, so that if a talk video is changed, the new version will be accepted.

For example:

git clone git:// scratch
cd scratch

# trick to avoid adding another uuid to the repository; reuse web uuid
git config annex.version 5
git config annex.uuid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001

git annex addurl --relaxed ...
git commit -m "new talk"

Contrary to my earlier workflow, I don't need pull requests/patch sets for the "git-annex" branch any more as long I can pull from your repository. If I can't pull directly, I will steal the patchset for the "git-annex" branch.

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