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SharePoint Administration Bot

The SharePoint Admin Bot is an attempt to make the everyday routinous jobs that a SharePoint Online Administrator or Power User easier. Currently the features are limited but the goal is to make them grow. If the feature you want is not in there yet please submit a feature request or even better contribute and do a pull request.

Start to use the Bot

To use the SharePoint Admin Bot you do not have to clone or download the code. You can just connect to it using the links below. The bot uses LUIS.AI to try and understand what you mean. Luis also has to learn so if your sentence is not recongized try to rephrase the question.

If you want your own version of the SharePoint Admin Bot then you can follow the steps in the wiki

Check out our YouTube Channel to see how it works

Current features

Get Site Collection properties

Returns list of general properties from the Site Collection Example Question: Get me information about my site collection

Get Web properties

Returns list of general properties from the Rootweb of a Site Collection Example Question: Get me information about my web

Create Site Collection

Asks several question and then creates a Site Collection. Example Question: Can you create me a new site collection

Reindex site

Flags a site collection for reindexing Example Question: Can you reindex a site


I would love if you would help contribute to this project. Not just writing code but a simple feature request is enough.

More Information

Check out my blog or contact Advantive for more information on the SharePoint Admin Bot.

MIT license

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