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Application to browse, sort, filter and launch your Visual Studio projects.
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Project Dependency Browser for .NET

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Project Dependency Browser scans a directory for Visual Studio projects and shows their project, assembly and NuGet dependencies in a flexible user interface. The application also provides various filters for example to find projects which depend on a particular NuGet package.


  • Find all projects which have installed a given NuGet package
  • View all referenced assemblies and projects for a given project
  • List all projects which reference a given project
  • Analyze projects for issues (e.g. version missmatches between assembly and NuGet references)
  • Can be used as solution launcher: Just start it, select project using arrow keys and press enter
  • It takes 3 minutes to install and setup the application

Download latest Project Dependency Browser MSI installer

Download latest Build Artifacts

Project Dependency Browser is developed by Rico Suter using the MyToolkit library.

(This project has originally been hosted on CodePlex)

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