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Riminder Api C#

A c# api client for riminder api.

Instalation with nuget

dotnet add package riminder


To authenticate against the api, get your API SECRET KEY from your riminder dashboard: findApiSecret

Then create a new Riminder.Riminder object with this key:

using Riminder;

// Authentification to api
var client = new Riminder("yoursecretkey");

// Finally you can use the api!!.

Api Overview

using System;
using Riminder;

var client = new Riminder("some-key");

// Let's retrieve a profile.
var profile = client.profile.get("source_id", profile_reference:"reference_for_a_profile");

// And print his name !
Console.WriteLine("This profile name is: ");


If an error occurs while an operation an exception inherited from Riminder.exp.RiminderException is raised.


The mentionned team is the team linked to your secret key.

When both *_id and *_reference arguments are requested only one is required. For example client.filter.get() can take a

  • filter_id (client.filter.get(filter_id: var_filter_id))
  • filter_reference (client.filter.get(filter_reference: var_filter_reference)

and work as well.

All methods return structures which attribute are public and match json keys. Only the data field will be returned. For example: {"code": 200, "message: "All green.", "data": {"name": "Natalie"}} would become

public class ExampleStruct: IResponse
    public string name;

For details and examples see our documentation.


  • Get all filters from the team.
Riminder.response.FilterList resp = client.filter.list();
  • Get a specific filter.
Riminder.response.Filter_get resp = client.filter.get(filter_id, filter_reference);

More details about filters are available here


  • Retrieve the profiles information associated with specified source ids.
    • source_ids (List<string>) is required.
    • date_start and date_end type are long.
    • page, rating and limit type are int.
Riminder.response.ProfileList resp = client.profile.list(source_ids,
 date_start, date_end,
 page, limit , seniority,
 filter_id, filter_reference,
 stage, rating,
 sort_by, order_by);
  • Add a new profile to a source on the platform.
    • source_id and file_path are required
    • file_path is the path to the file to be uploaded.
    • training_metadatas type is response.TrainingMetadatas (response/struct.cs)
Riminder.response.Profile_post resp = client.profile.add(source_id, file_path, profile_reference, timestamp_reception, training_metadatas);
  • Get a specific profile.
Riminder.response.Profile_get resp = client.profile.get(source_id, profile_id, profile_reference);
  • Get attachements of a specific profile.
Riminder.response.ProfileDocument_list resp = client.profile.document.list(source_id, profile_id, profile_reference);
  • Get parsing result of a specific profile.
Riminder.response.ProfileParsing resp = client.profile.parsing.get(source_id, profile_id, profile_reference);
  • Get scoring result of a specific profile.
Riminder.response.ProfileScoringList resp = client.profile.scoring.list(source_id, profile_id, profile_reference);
  • Reveal interpretability result of a specific profile with a specific filter.
Riminder.response.ProfileRevealing resp = client.profile.revealing.get(source_id: source_id, profile_id: profile_id, profile_reference: profile_reference, filter_id: filter_id, filter_reference: filter_reference);
  • Set stage of a specific profile for a specified filter.
    • stage is required.
Riminder.response.ProfileStage resp = client.profile.stage.set(source_id, stage, profile_id, profile_reference, filter_id, filter_reference);
  • Set rating of a specific profile for a spcified filter.
    • rating (int) is required.
Riminder.response.ProfileRating resp = client.profile.stage.set(source_id, rating, profile_id, profile_reference, filter_id, filter_reference);
  • Check if a parsed profile is valid.
    • profile_data (Riminder.response.ProfileJson) is the parsed profile you want to check, can be called "profile_json".
    • training_metadata type is (Riminder.response.TrainingMetadatas)
Riminder.response.ProfileJsonCheck resp = client.json.check(profile_data, training_metadata);
  • Add a parsed profile to a source on the platform.
    • profile_data (Riminder.response.ProfileJson) is the parsed profile you want to add, can be called "profile_json".
    • training_metadata type is (Riminder.response.TrainingMetadatas)
Riminder.response.ProfileJson_post resp = client.json.add(source_id, profile_data, profile_reference, timestamp_reception, training_metadata);

More details about profiles are available here


  • Get all source from the team.
Riminder.response.SourceList resp = client.source.list();
  • Get a specific filter.
Riminder.response.Source_get resp = client.source.get(source_id);

More details about profiles are available here


Webhooks methods permit you handle webhook events.

  • Check if team's webhook integration is working.
Riminder.response.WebhookCheck resp = client.webhooks.check();
  • Set an handler for a specified webhook event.
    • handler (Riminder.route.Webhook.WebhookHandler) is a delegate of signature: void WebhookHandler(string eventName, response.IWebhookMessage webhook_data)
      • data received by the webhook are store in webhook_data.
      • webhook_data struct follow the same rules as the responses.
      • eventName is type field of the webhook.
client.webhooks.setHandler(Riminder.route.webhook.EventNames.PROFILE_PARSE_SUCCESS, handler);
  • Check if there is an handler for a specified event
  • Remove the handler for an event
  • Start the selected handler depending of the event given.
    • headers is webhook request headers.
    • signatureHeader is webhook request "HTTP-RIMINDER-SIGNATURE" header value.
      • One them is required not both.
client.webhooks.handle(headers, signatureHeader)


using System;
using Riminder;
using Riminder.route;

public class Example
    static void Main()
        var client = new Riminder("apikey");

        // Define an handler
        var handler = delegate (string eventName, response.IWebhookMessage webhook_data) { /* something */};

        // Set the handler for an event
        client.webhooks.setHandler(Webhook.EventNames.PROFILE_PARSE_SUCCESS, handler);

        // Get the header of the request by webhook
        var rcvheaders = fct_that_get_webhook_request();

        // Handle an event
        client.webhooks.handle(headers: rcvheaders);

More details about webhooks are available here


Some tests are available. To run them follow these steps:

  • git clone git@github.com:Riminder/csharp-riminder-api.git
  • cd csharp-riminder-api/riminder.Tests
  • dotnet test

Help and documentation

If you need some more details about the api methods and routes see Riminder API Docs.

If you need further explainations about how the api works see Riminder API Overview