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AbstruseCI DoorPI


Use a RaspberryPi Zero W (rpi0w) to detect a ring at a remote door bell and open also the door remotely.


  • RaspberryPi Zero W w/ Raspbian installed, the to-be-build DoorPI-HAT (TODO) installed and connected to some wifi.
  • git / python / pip / virtualenv installed on Raspbian.


  • Slack 'webhook access token' for Slack integration
  • Sentry DSN for integration

Agent Installation

The agent sits near the bell with the physical door open button, detects a ring, sends a message to slack and eventually handles a open-door event by flipping a relays.

Connect to the rpi0w by ssh and change to a directory where you want the agent to reside, e.g. inside /usr/local with the name doorpi-agent

$ mkdir /usr/local/doorpi-agent
$ cd /usr/local/doorpi-agent
$ git clone .
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Now change the file doorpi.json to your needs and/or create a file local_settings.json that has at least a unique setting. See Settings for more options.

The file doorpi.json MUST exist and contain valid JSON

  "": "OfficeDoor"

The agent can be started by executing python at the agent installation directory and offers a web interface at the configured webui.port, by default meaning on all IP addresses claimed by the rpi0w.

systemd service definition

Create a file /etc/systemd/system/doorpi-agent.service with content




Change WorkingDirectory and ExecStart to your installation directory and after save run

chmod 664 /etc/systemd/system/doorpi-agent.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable doorpi-agent.service
systemctl start doorpi-agent.service

to enable start-on-boot and to also start the service now.


The agent installation itself doesn't handle secure connections. This can e.g. be implemented with STunnel, Apache or NGINX. Please consult the corresponding setup for the tool you selected. The frontend will automatically detect if it's running in a secure environment.


At the agent installation directory you can create a local_settings.json that is ignored by .gitignore to overwrite setup from doorpi.json. E.g.:

  "": "Test-Door",
  "": 10
JSON key Description Default
webui.port Listen port of the agents web interface. 8080
webui.cookie.secret __TODO:_GENERATE_YOUR_OWN_RANDOM_VALUE__ An identifier of this door agent. Door Timeout to accept an open response on a ring event. If another ring happens within timeout the remaining time extends with the same value. Value is given in seconds. 60 GPIO out-pin where the door-open relay connects. 23
gpio.ring GPIO in-pin where the ring is detected. 24
slack.webhook If set this webhook will be used to post a ring message to Slack Slack channel to post to. The default channel will be used if unset. Slack channel id for Slack link generation at index.html Slack team id for Slack link generation at index.html
slack.baseurl BaseURL of DoorPI. Usually[webui.port]
sentry.dsn For development purposes only. If it doesn't ring a bell, ignore this setting.

Open API

By GET requesting in the form of /api(open/{apikey} the door can be opened without an upfront ring to e.g. use a mobile application like Android HTTP Request Widget or IFTTT to open the door.

The api-keys have to be saved in a file named apikeys.json at the DoorPI installation directory.


  "f23c7114-f6b7-4269-a5a0-a58dcd671952": {
    "type": "master",
    "owner": "Gatekeeper (Can open the door at any moment)"
  "0492af52-b10e-4be8-b378-f4986c10c1fa": {
    "type": "restricted",
    "owner": "Employee (Can open the door Mo-Fr 07:00-18:00)"
  "25389c07-5902-4da5-a397-0c51b43f2846": {
    "type": "limited",
    "owner": "Guest (Can open the door Mo-Fr 07:00-18:00 within an given date range)",
    "from": "01.04.2019",
    "till": "01.05.2019"
  "88e8fb43-c762-4aa6-a72c-d5a0ed333f66": {
    "type": "once",
    "owner": "Visitor (Can once-only open the door Mo-Fr 07:00-18:00 within an given date range)",
    "from": "01.03.2019",
    "till": "01.05.2019"

When a valid api-key is given a JSON result {"open": "{timestamp}"} will be returned, on invalid api-key {'error': "Unauthorized"} with HTTP status code 401. When a one-time key ("type": "once") was used, it is written with a timestamp into the file usedkeys.json to ensure it isn't used any more.

curl http://door.local:8080/api/open/f23c7114-f6b7-4269-a5a0-a58dcd671952
{"open": "1550962295.92"}


Simulation Mode

If the requirement RPi.GPIO can't be fulfilled on the agent installation, the agent will switch into an emulation mode and add a simulate ring handler to the agents web user interface reachable at https://door.local:8080/simulation


To customize the look-and-feel of your DoorPI installation change the files in the templates directory to your needs. The templates are rendered by tornado.template, part of the Tornado Framework.

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