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  • Integrated ProtoBuf network layer. 🎉 - #122
  • Added [POST] /api/transactions/ endpoint to ease broadcasting new transactions from cli without crafting the whole transaction from scratch. #9dbb054
  • Introduced new Security API middleware watchguard to for [POST] /api/transactions #9dbb054
  • Added block freezing with js-flock npm package to ensure no further manipulations are inadvertently done by hooks subscriber. #4287af2
  • Improved performance of numbers manipulation and address derivation by 20% - #3bfb820
  • Introduced peerBanTime to config file to allow configuring the amount of time a peer should be banned. - #bfd69e1
  • RISE suffix (R) is now not hard-coded but rather picked from constants. #f6de6a6
  • Avoid accepting invalid recipient address to limit lost funds. #dd15b9e
    More informations about ProtoBuf and performance improvements in 1.2.0 -> here