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QGIS Plugin: Scrape ShapeFile Attributees From a River Network ShapeFile
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Network Profiler QGIS Plugin

This is a QGis python plugin that is designed to profile a particular stream network from a start point to an end point and output a CSV file.


You must have QGis installed. This plugin also requires networkx. Most QGis users should already have networkx installed but if you don't then you need to go get it:

pip install networkx

Plugin Installation:

Until this plugin is available on the plugin store you're going to need to install it manually.

  1. Make sure QGis is closed.
  2. Download this repo and unzip it into: c:\Users\<USERNAME>\.qgis2\python\plugins\NetworkProfiler\. If you see the file: c:\Users\<USERNAME>\.qgis2\python\plugins\NetworkProfiler\ you've done it right.
  3. Reload QGis and go to the plugins menu. You should be able to check the box next to network profiler.

Steps to use the Profiler

  1. Open up the tool.
  2. You can either select a layer from the dropdown or use the grab button and the layer will be selected for you.
  3. Using the "QGis feature select tool" (Button: yellow square with marching ants and a white cursor) to select a single feature in the network that you want to use as your start point.
  4. Click the "Grab From Map Selection" button and you should see the field values get populated below.
  5. Select the fields you want to include in your CSV file. You should also select some kind of ID field (OBJECTID or FID) if you want to be able to identify your features afterwards
  6. Enter a path to the CSV file.
  7. Click the "Create Profile" button to continue. After 4-5 seconds you should get a success message

If you get errors:

Please click the "more info" button. Feel free to send your shape files and errors to me directly or file a bug on this repo


  1. pb_tool zip
  2. rename the zip to CAREFUL OF VERSION
  3. upload it
aws s3 cp s3://

Now update the Plugins.xml wherever this is being served. Be sure to update the Version

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