Firefox and Chrome extensions to prevent Google from making links ugly.
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At the Google Search engine, search results are converted to an ugly link upon click. This link enables tracking for Google.

For example, the search entry

  • (when searching for "Google") will be replaced with:

This script removes Google's link-conversion/tracking feature. This speeds up loading search results and allows you to right-click or tap to copy the link URL.


  • december 2011 - First release, as a user script.
  • november 2012 - Published as a Chrome extension.
  • april 2013 - Updated Chrome extension to disable <a ping>. This version worked fine for three years without any modifications.
  • july 2016 - Published Firefox addon. Rewrote the program from scratch to recognize more URLs and to use modern techniques for a better performance.
  • september 2016 - Restored referrer hiding functionality with minimal impact using referrer policies.

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