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Latest commit a993087 @RobertCNelson just in case
Signed-off-by: Robert Nelson <>


This is just a set of scripts to rebuild a known working kernel for ARM devices.

Script Bugs: ""

Dependencies: GCC ARM Cross ToolChain


Dependencies: Linux Kernel Source

This git repo contains just scripts/patches to build a specific kernel for some
ARM devices. The kernel source will be downloaded when you run any of the build

By default this script will clone the linux-stable tree:
to: ${DIR}/ignore/linux-src:

If you've already cloned torvalds tree and would like to save some hard drive
space, just modify the LINUX_GIT variable in to point to your current
git clone directory.

Build Kernel Image:


Optional: Build Debian Package:



first run (to setup baseline tree): ./
then modify files under KERNEL directory
then run (to rebuild with your changes): ./tools/

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