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derkohai commented Jan 4, 2012

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Hello all,

Since a couple of days now I'm trying to get SGX running on my
Beagleboard Rev C4 with Ubuntu 11.10. I followed the Instructions on exactly:

the first run of after install worked and after each boot
all SGX modules are loaded (see dmesg on

Then I tested the SGX acceleration with the EvilSkull demo as user
ubuntu (root makes no difference) with the immediate result in a
kernel panic (see

Doing a pvr restart after reboot also leads to panic (see

Here's my Xorg.log:

This try was my last try after many attempts with ubuntu 11.04, I also
tried pre installed Ubuntu Images from
doing "sudo apt-get install libegl1-sgx-omap3 libgles1-sgx-omap3
libgles2-sgx-omap3", that didn't work either.

Does anyone has an idea?



dmesg: on a fresh reboot, before running any demos on my c4..

@RobertCNelson RobertCNelson was assigned Jan 4, 2012

dmesg: after trying to run a demo, boards locks up...(c4)


Works fine with v3.0.8-x3

fail: v3.1.6-x6
fail: v3.1.0-x3
fail: v3.1.0-rc9 (rebuilt)
fail: v3.1.0-rc8 (rebuilt)
good: v3.0.8-x3

fun: looks like a v3.1 merge/change

derkohai commented Jan 5, 2012

Kernel v3.0.8-x3 works!

Thank you!


fail: v3.2.0-x1 (same omap3_l3_app_irq issue)
fail: v3.2.2-x3 (same omap3_l3_app_irq issue)


fail: v3.2.17-x11


Hi fangstar, the easiest way is:

git checkout v3.0.8-x3 -b tmp

And it'll checkout the tag for that version...

But can you actually do a quick favor for me, as i really haven't had time to test my C4's in awhile with this bug.. Please do:

git checkout origin/v3.0.x -b tmp-v3.0.x

and run "./"/etc.. and basicly test "v3.0.42-x4" against this bug to see if it works exactly like v3.0.8-x3..



Hi Robert,

Is it possible to run the v3.0.8-x3 kernel with SGX on Gumstix Overo FE (OMAP3530) with Angstrom?



Ignoring the Overo part, yes linux is linux, so you could run it on Angstrom.. But back to the Overo part, it may or may not work, as that was never a tested target...


JamesAng commented Oct 4, 2012

Hi Robert,

Negative result with v3.0.8-x3 kernel on Overo FE (OMAP3530-ES3.1)

I just tried running 'sgx_init_test' and it hardlocked the system.
The last output message on the console is:
Misc Info API: Query the SGX features from host driver
<--[hardlock here]

Is there a specific suite of test applications to run through to ensure that the SGX is working?

Risca commented Oct 15, 2016

Sorry to revive such a old issue, but I'm also working on a C4 board trying to get SGX support running. What would be my best bet to get this working? v3.0.8-x3 branch?

Risca commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

While going through the release notes for the TI gfxsdk I found that the latest version that has been validated on OMAP35x is the RN_4_06_00_01. That version is using a 2.6.37 kernel from the PSP (Linux) release I assume that is my safest bet, or would it be better to try and use later kernels from @RobertCNelson repos?

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