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#SC2Geeks is a website that parses Starcraft II replays (publicly available) and provides powerful interface to show game stats and to find replays of specific criteria.

Components/Projects of SC2Geeks

  • Front-end website. /web-api. Java application. Website and API service are implemented using Struts 2. Also includes some other utilities like a pro-gamer crawlers and a Solr importer.
  • Replay parsing lib and service. /parser. Python application powered by sc2reader. This is deployed as a REST service and invoked by the admin site. It parses replay files and persists the result in MongoDB and Wordpress database (MySQL) which is then indexed into Solr.
  • Back-end portal. /admin-portal. Consists of a Wordpress theme in PHP and a Node.js application. Admin portal is a wordpress site that maintains the taxonomy of (maps, tournaments, pro-gamers, etc).
  • Solr instances. /solr. There are two instances, namely replays and pro-gamers, that power the no-sql data-service for the front-end and api service.
  • Template project. /template. Grunt project for authoring the template for the website.