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Siri-API is a tool which opens Apples Siri for your own wishes WITHOUT the requirement of a Jailbreak. You can predefine keywords which execute your own python code when they are found in a request.
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This version is not iOS8 compatible. You can find a iOS8 compatible version here:


Siri-API is a tool which opens Siri for your own wishes WITHOUT the requirement of a Jailbreak. Basically it is like GoogolPlex but it is much more flexible since you can host it on your own computer. You just say Google and your keyword, by default "Siri" and everything what you say after your keyword will be redirected to the API. Of course, using Google without the keyword is still possible.

You need a Linux running computer (tested on Raspberry Pi) and a Squid Proxy version compiled with SSL support. These versions aren't available from official package sources, so you have to compile it by yourself. You can follow the instructions in the documentation.

You can watch the demo video on to see what is possible with Siri-API. I use the program for my home automation system but any other usage is possible. You just have to write your own rules and commands in Python 3. With the easy to use API it is just a game. I also provide a working squid.conf configuration file for usage with the API. If you're already running Squid Proxy for other services you HAVE to change it so, that Squid still works in your environment.

I tested Siri-API on an iPhone 5S with iOS 7 but it should also work with other iDevices supporting Siri and older iOS versions.

You can find the documentation at
The installation instructions can be found at

If you have any problem, please report it by opening an issue in the issue tracker.

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