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RoboBinding open source

RoboBinding open source

Popular repositories

  1. A data-binding Presentation Model(MVVM) framework for the Android platform.

    Java 1.3k 223

  2. A minimal Android app with MVVM pattern based on RoboBinding

    Java 118 43

  3. An android app to showcase the usage of RoboBinding framework.

    Java 76 37

  4. Forked from android10/Android-CleanArchitecture

    The modified version based on RoboBinding - this is a sample app that is part of a blog post I have written about how to architect android application using the Uncle Bob's clean architecture appro…

    Java 55 8

  5. An android translation(based on RoboBinding) of Album Sample app from Martin Fowler’s original article on Presentation Model(MVVM) pattern.

    Java 38 16

  6. Gradle AspectJ plugin for RoboBinding users

    Java 5 6


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