A Sublime Text Plugin for Arduino
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Stino is a Sublime Text plugin that provides an Arduino-like environement for editing, compiling and uploading sketches. The plugin was written by @Robot-Will in 2012-2014. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave me a message. Thanks.

NOTE: This project will be updated by all who want to collaborate on it. @Robot-Will seems to no longer have time to maintain the plugin any longer and this fork is currently the most recently maintained.


  1. Sublime Text
  2. Arduino IDE


Currently there is no documentation for this plugin. I'm working on the plugin and plan to write some when I can. Until then, you can refer to the issues. I need your help writing some documentation.


While the plugin is in beta, the installation process is:

  1. You should first delete whatever version you currently have installed.
  2. Install Package Control (if you don't have it already installed):

    2.1 Go to its official page and copy the (large) command you'll find there, choosing the one that fits your Sublime Text version.

    2.2 Open Sublime Text Console (View -> Show Console) and paste it.

    2.3 Restart Sublime Text.

  3. Open the Command Palette and choose the 'Package Control: Add Repository' command.

  4. Copy this repo link https://github.com/gepd/Stino/tree/new-stino and paste it into the prompt.
  5. Open the Command Palette again, run the 'Package Control: Install Package' command and choose the package named 'Stino' or 'Arduino-like IDE'.

Thank you to @jggdotcom for the instructions.


Special thanks to all of contributors. Because the author is not a programmer and is not a native English speaker, any help to improve this plugin is appreciated. For example, you might consider:

  1. Star this repository.
  2. Write some documentation.
  3. Provide some translations.
  4. Submit PRs for bugs.
  5. Add board support.
  6. Donate money.