Get your Arduino working with a Google+ Hangout Extension!
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Google+ Hangout Extension - Arduino Example

Based off of the code by John Schimmel node-session, used it for the Robot Party Robot Controller extension and the RoboBrrd Brrd Feeder extension! Here is a basic Arduino demo that can help get you up and running with your own Hangout robots!

There are four main parts to this:

  • web app (node.js running on ec2, has tcp & web sockets)
  • processing sketch (listening to tcp socket, serial conn to arduino)
  • arduino (listening to serial for messages, performs actions)
  • google+ hangout (hangout.xml showing iframe)

useful for setup

ec2 & node.js info

robots & google+ hangouts info

misc info

Just some notes that I jotted down while making this which might be helpful

  • permissions for keypair:

    • chmod folder to 700
    • chmod file to 600
  • add keypair:

    • ssh-add /Users/frankenteddy/Documents/keypair/coolioeskeypair.pem
  • extension iframe size:

    • 300 x 732 px

Robot Party

Hope to see ya at the ROBOT PARTY!