Like `tail -F` but with more epoll and inotify
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  • Have you ever thought that tail -F is too heavyweight and really shouldn't be doing all that polling?
  • Have you ever wanted to plug tail -F into xinetd, only to find that it won't terminate until it successfully reads data?
  • Have you ever wanted to use epoll(7), inotify(7), C (99) in the same program?

If you answered "yes" to all three of these questions, einotail is for you!

If you think EINOTAIL is an errno value raised when tail doesn't work, einotail may also be for you.


einotail /path/to/file Behaves roughly the same as tail -F. More specifically, this will cause einotail to behave like tail -f if /path/to/file is a regular file, like tail --follow=name if /path/to/file is a symlink, and like tail --follow=name --retry if /path/to/file is a dangling symlink.


einotail is available under the ISC (OpenBSD) license. The full contents of this license are available as LICENSE