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sedc - an optimizing sed compiler

I don't know if you realize this, but sed is capable of much more than just pipelines containing only s/// operations. I suspect that it might be possible to make it Turing-complete (even though it's just single-pass).

I've been enjoying using some of its more esoteric features, and one day I realized that the X86 instruction XLAT is a reasonable simulacrum of the y/// operator. Thus this project was born. I've never written a compiler in Haskell before, so I decided to do this project in Haskell rather than my more comfortable SML or Ocaml.

Much of the structure of this project is based on my Compilers class with the always-awesome Professor Stone. I obviously won't be taking any code whole-hog from there, especially since it's in a different language and was sourcing a much more complicated language. But the ideas come from that class.


This work is available under the ISC (OpenBSD) license. The full contents of this license are checked in as license.txt.

Project status

I just started this project, so it hasn't come very far. The parser is going to be tricky, since regular expressions are pretty complicated in and of itself. After that, there'll be writing an efficient regexp engine (it'd be cheating to use somebody else's).

Oh, and all of the other steps of the compilation process.


James Brown roguelazer@roguelazer.com