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Exploring agent based models

From laptop to world class HPC

Who am I ?

Let me introduce myself

Arthur Brugiere

  • Finished my Master at the USTH (Vietnam)

  • Engineer on projects ANR ESCAPE & COMOKIT

  • Working on GAMA for 2 years

  • Mostly involved in Big Data, model exploration and High Performance Computing (HPC) usage

  • Should start a thesis next year

What's ESCAPE ?

Exploring by Simulation Cities Awareness on Population Evacuation

ESCAPE: city scale evacuation

  • Hazard: It never sticks to the plan

  • Environment: Roads and buildings turn into enemies

  • Human behavior: People do everything to make the plan fail

  • Evacuation plan: Organization(s) spend resources to help people

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ESCAPE Framework


Why explore ?

Answer that kinds of questions

What If πŸ“₯ How To πŸ“€
An exit point is closed Evacuate as soon as possible
Explosion of a factory in the Rouen industrial area Evacuate the most non-autonomous people under resource constraints

ABM* exploration is expensive and time consuming !

Let's do some maths :

For a simulation with 3 parameters with 10 values each 10^3 = 1.000 simulations * repetitions

Objective :

Explore the entire parameter space with a minimal number of simulations

How to explore these models easily ?

The full self-hosted solution

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  • Free and open-source platform

  • Offers tools to run, explore, diagnose and optimize model

  • Distributed computing environments

  • Works with GAMA

OpenMole provide functions to explore diversity in input or output

How To Pattern Space Exploration (PSE)
What If Origin Space Exploration (OSE)

Explaination of the PSE

What the Pattern Space Exploration is for ?


Explaination of the PSE

How the Pattern Space Exploration works ?


GAMA w:125 HPC

COMOKIT use-case

Context: OpenMole need a specific virtualizator (Singularity) to run GAMA

Problem: That virtualizator is not install on the HPC


Solution: Use a custom setup to optimize parallelization run with GAMA's headless tools

HCP pipeline

My PhD subject πŸŽ“

Two main points in it


Continue thesis subject from Dr. Huynh Quang Nghi*

Parallelization of simulation processing

Working on parallel multi-scale calculation, which may be appliable on HPC environments

Thanks for your attention

Feel free to ask any questions you might have


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