iOS6 "Container View" backport to iOS5
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iOS6 "Container View" backport to iOS5


Use at your own risk. This is App Store valid. iPad version of @YPlan uses it for iOS5 support :)

What you will find inside

If you fork, you will find workspace with 2 projects RRTestApp and RRContainerView.
RRTestApp has "Container View" created in interface builder (like you normally would do for iOS6), whats interesting is that it has deployment target iOS5. You can run same project on iOS6 and iOS5 and it should look and behave the same. Essentially its iOS6 "Container View" back port to iOS5

I don't have blog so...

So I started build iPad version of @YPlan and thought it would be nice to use iOS6 "Container View" in Interface Builder - unfortunately its iOS6 only… As I had a lot of fun porting AutoLayout to iOS5 I decided to do same for "Container View". This should be App Store valid but I will update about that after iPad version of @YPlan will be approved/rejected :)

Will it slow down my iOS6+ app?

It will have no effect on your app. On iOS versions where "Container View" supported by default, the default implementation is used.

How to use it in my project?

Just drop RRStoryboardEmbedSegue.h and RRStoryboardEmbedSegue.m into your project and forget about them :)

This is wicked, do you have more?

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