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Character sheet templates created by the community for use in Roll20.
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13th Age Official Fix display of attack bonuses Apr 6, 2016
13th_Age-neovatar * fixed charisma typo (fixes neovatar/roll20-character-sheets#6) Apr 2, 2016
13th_Age Added in Roll Buttons for basic attacks Oct 3, 2014
5th Edition OGL by Roll20 updating 5e sheet to use new translation format, fixing mismatched la… Apr 27, 2016
7th Sea 7th Sea background fix Mar 21, 2016
AD&D_1E Added color to list of ignored tags for repeating area of templates. Mar 5, 2016
AD&D_2E Update 2EStyle.css Apr 18, 2015
AEON-Aberrant Aberrant - wrapper fix Dec 18, 2015
AW Fixed repeating attribute names Sep 4, 2015
AW2E added AW2e sheets, classes/fields different enough to be distinguishe… Mar 17, 2016
Achtung! Cthulhu Initial Commit for Achtung! Cthulhu May 3, 2015
Adventure Pack Update to include json & Image Apr 19, 2014
Adventure! Adventure! Background Update Mar 29, 2016
Against the Dark Yogi Small style tweak Dec 19, 2015
Aliens Update .json Apr 23, 2016
Alternity-RPG Alternity RPG Sheet Dec 30, 2015
Anima-Beyond-Fantasy-French cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Anima-Beyond-Fantasy-Spanish Update sheet.json Mar 16, 2015
Anima-Beyond-Fantasy Added Creature/Spell regen tracking Feb 12, 2015
Anneau Unique Anneau Unique / The One Ring (french) v1.1 May 17, 2015
Atomic Highway Merge pull request #1476 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-70 Mar 14, 2016
BASH Ultimate Edition Update sheet.json Feb 18, 2016
Basic Fantasy RPG Basic Fantasy RPG: Fixed hp and hp_max so token mapping will work. Dec 7, 2015
Beacon Implemented Inline Rolls Apr 29, 2015
Better-Angels cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Black_Crusade Added credit to original author Jul 6, 2015
Blades-in-the-Dark Blades in the Dark: Fixed issue with certain input fields having the … Mar 17, 2016
Bulletproof Blues fixing file case Feb 18, 2016
Burning Wheel Update Burning Wheel.html Jan 13, 2016
COPS Update COPS.css Sep 2, 2015
CWOD-Changeling Changeling: Fixing Background and Rolltemplates Mar 29, 2016
CWOD-DAV20 Update files for public use May 16, 2015
CWOD-M20 Update M20.html Apr 12, 2016
CWOD-Mage Fixed errors in CWOD-Mage & CWOD-Werewolf Feb 6, 2015
CWOD-V20 Fixed errors in CWOD-V20 & CWOD-Vampire Feb 5, 2015
CWOD-Vampire Fixed errors in CWOD-V20 & CWOD-Vampire Feb 6, 2015
CWOD-W20 W20 background fix Mar 29, 2016
CWOD-Werewolf Fixed errors in CWOD-Mage & CWOD-Werewolf Feb 6, 2015
CahiersDuVastemonde New sheet : Cahiers du Vastemonde (french) Feb 20, 2016
CakebreadWaltonRenaissance Cakebread & Walton - Renaissance Char Sheet May 26, 2015
Call_of_Cthulhu Fixed Logo Issues Mar 24, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_6th_Ed - German Update Call_of_Cthulhu.html Mar 28, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_6th_Ed_French Merge pull request #1482 from NathalieMinster/master Mar 14, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_Ed - German Update coc_7th_ed.html Mar 28, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_Ed Patch to fix the selects referring to repeating sections in coc7 sheet Dec 22, 2015
Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_Ed_Chinese_Traditional fix Garbled TEXT and translation few words Jan 23, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_7th_Ed_French update Feb 7, 2016
Call_of_Cthulhu_Spanish Merge pull request #1287 from Noctropolitan/Ghostbusters-Expanded-Spa… Jan 11, 2016
Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul Feb 28, 2016
Castles&Crusades C&C - Keep finding tweaks I want to incorporate Jul 26, 2014
ChroniquesOubliees Update co.htm Nov 13, 2015
Conan-2nd-Ed Update sheet.json Sep 10, 2015
Continuum correct melee damage calculations Nov 17, 2015
CthulhuTech_1ed Fixing Reflex Feb 27, 2016
Cultos-innombrables-hitos Update sheet.json Feb 26, 2015
Cyberpunk 2020 Merge pull request #1116 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-41 Nov 6, 2015
CypherSystem Cypher System English and French 1.6 Feb 21, 2016
CypherSystemFrench Cypher System English and French 1.6 Feb 21, 2016
D&D_3-5 SPANISH D&D Spanish Dec 11, 2015
D&D_3-5-CN Merge pull request #1369 from DraculaCradle/master Feb 8, 2016
D&D_3-5-fr Skills and macros Dec 24, 2015
D&D_3-5-pt-br Updated roll20 user id Mar 4, 2015
D&D_3-5 D&D 3.5 Added 1/2 Str to attack damage calcs. Sep 23, 2015
D&D_4E Update HTML and CSS Jul 12, 2015
D&D_5e_Reshaped version 2.4.13 Apr 14, 2016
D&D_5e_Shaped shaped_old rename Feb 23, 2016
D&D_BECM minor fix of a minor fix Jun 1, 2015
D&D_Moldvay_Natha Moldvay D&D: Roll template improvements Aug 29, 2015
D6StarWars Weapons Feb 29, 2016
D6_Fantasy Add files for D6 Fantasy character sheet Aug 21, 2015
D6_Space Fix to Agility May 15, 2015
DCC fixed spell casting in API to match current helper Jul 31, 2014
DFRPG Add Hunger & sheet workers Feb 26, 2016
Dark_Heresy fix hit location values in Dark Heresy 1e and Rogue Trader Jul 14, 2015
Dark_Heresy_2ed Dark Heresy 2ed layout mistake Mar 29, 2016
Das_Schwarze_Auge_4-1 DSA 4 Update Feb 24, 2016
Das_Schwarze_Auge_5 Update dsa5_character_sheet_roll20.html Apr 23, 2016
Deathwatch Merge pull request #1039 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-39 Sep 8, 2015
Delve cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Demon Hunters Beta Repeating fieldset Fix Nov 9, 2015
Der Eine Ring Merge pull request #1592 from uhu79/master Apr 25, 2016
Diaspora rename attributes and remove fieldsets - using divs instead to group Aug 19, 2015
DnDNext Sync Jun 2, 2014
DnDNext_Actoba Updated old DnD Next sheet to tidy up documentation in an effort to m… Sep 6, 2014
DnD_5e Fixing bug with recently introduced default roll option Apr 9, 2016
DnD_Moldvay_AmandatheAmazon V 1.14 - Bug fix for monster attacks Dec 8, 2015
Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Dogs-in-the-Vineyard Dogs in the Vineyard: Updated version number to 0.0.2 from 0.0.1. Feb 20, 2016
Dragon Age RPG Corrected Typos Jul 18, 2015
Dragon-Age-RPG-PT-BR add Dragon Age RPG PTBR folder Sep 1, 2015
DragonQuest DragonQuest v1.1 Apr 8, 2016
Dungeon World Português Dungeon World Character Sheet in Brazilian Portuguese Oct 17, 2015
Dungeon-slayers-4 Merge pull request #1421 from GuiGnomeDev/master Feb 22, 2016
DungeonSquad - First version of the DungeonSquad rules (need to playtest them) Oct 23, 2015
DungeonWorld Modified the Dungeon World sheet automatic modifiers to better match the Jan 30, 2016
DungeonWorldFrench Dungeon World french v2.0 Mar 12, 2016
DungeonWorldSpanish Update sheet.json Apr 16, 2016
Dungeons the Dragoning 40000 7th Edition Merge branch 'master' of Jul 4, 2015
Eclipse Phase Merge pull request #617 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-5 Feb 10, 2015
Eclipse Eclipse ES May 21, 2015
Exalted 3 Add awareness to supernal and specialties selections Apr 26, 2016
Exalted2e Correct repeating item flexboxes & widths for FFX Sep 25, 2015
FATAL Sync Jun 2, 2014
FFG_End-of-the-World Adding new character sheet FFG - End of the World Dec 21, 2015
Fairytail fixing file case Feb 18, 2016
Fallout Merge pull request #1172 from Discord96/patch-4 Dec 7, 2015
Fantasy Age Update sheet.json Jul 24, 2015
Fantasy_Craft Changed Armor Qualitiese and Upgrades fields from number type to text… Mar 4, 2016
Fate Acelerado BR Added Fate Accelerated and Jadepunk character sheets, translated for … Oct 16, 2015
Fate Básico BR Added Fate Accelerated and Jadepunk character sheets, translated for … Oct 16, 2015
Fate Core with rolls Deutsch New Design Mar 11, 2016
Fate Jadepunk BR Added Fate Accelerated and Jadepunk character sheets, translated for … Oct 16, 2015
Fate Turbo with rolls Deutsch Turbo Fate sheet now complete, Fate Core dice roll issues fixed Feb 4, 2016
Fate_Accelerated Update fate.css Aug 17, 2015
Fate_Accelerated_ES Trying encoding Jun 1, 2015
Fate_Core Update sheet.json Nov 10, 2014
Fate_Core_Chinese_Traditional Update sheet.json Apr 25, 2016
Fate_Freeport Cleaned up presentation May 13, 2015
Fate_Jadepunk Cleaned up presentation and updated preview May 13, 2015
Feng Shui Merge pull request #1003 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-37 Aug 21, 2015
Feng-Shui-2 Feng Shui 2 Fixes Sep 13, 2015
Firefly Sync Jun 2, 2014
Flashing_Blades Fixed image reference: Flashing Blades May 24, 2015
Fragged-Empire Adding new character sheet image Mar 8, 2016
Friponnes RPG Ajout readme Jan 4, 2016
Fugue Fugue Changes Mar 16, 2015
Fuzion Fuzion, Tri-Stat, Victoriana Jan 7, 2016
GURPS Fixes to attributes, lifting and encumbrance boxes Aug 8, 2015
GURPS_Mutonized Update GURPS.html May 16, 2015
GammaWorld7e Updated background URL. Apr 17, 2016
Ghostbusters Expanded Spanish Update sheet.json Jan 6, 2016
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters: Talents no longer auto-calculated Apr 23, 2015
Gumshoe_TrailOfCthulhu Update sheet.json Nov 17, 2014
HackMaster_5E Sync Jun 2, 2014
Halo_Mythic Update sheet.json Dec 28, 2015
Harry Potter Harry Potter Sheet Aug 14, 2015
Hc Svnt Dracones Merge pull request #1371 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-61 Feb 8, 2016
Hero Games 6e Hopefully fixing the dagger things Mar 15, 2016
HeroQuest Ziechael: Adding HeroQuest and Risus character sheets Jul 22, 2015
HollowEarthExpedition Fix average for primary attribute rolls. Apr 16, 2016
INS-MV_5E ins-mv 5e Jan 31, 2016
Icons Assembled Put abilities in proper order Oct 30, 2015
Icons French New sheet : Icons French Mar 6, 2016
Impulse_Drive Update sheet.json Jan 4, 2016
Iron Kingdoms RPG Merge pull request #1505 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-75 Mar 21, 2016
Ironclaw Merge pull request #788 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-4 Apr 27, 2015
Kobolds Ate My Baby Change Version Number Jun 30, 2015
Kromore Kromore Character Sheet Dec 13, 2014
L5R cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Labyrinth-Lord cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Leverage standardised character name Feb 5, 2016
Lords-Of-Gossamer-And-Shadow Add Lords of Gossamer and Shadow character sheet. Feb 27, 2015
Lotfp Added roll20userid Dec 5, 2015
Maid Update sheet.json Mar 5, 2015
MarvelSH Add Health_max and Karma_max Oct 26, 2014
Mekton Z Fix to Several Areas May 26, 2015
Microlite20 Microlite20 - Fixed Rangers and Max HP Oct 4, 2015
Mindjammer Initial setup Apr 21, 2015
Mongoose_Legend Mongoose Legend Character Sheet Oct 5, 2015
Mongoose_Traveller Merge pull request #739 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-7 Apr 2, 2015
Monsterhearts-Simple fixing filename caseing for monsterheard preview image Jan 22, 2016
MouseGuard Adding readme Aug 20, 2015
Mutant Year Zero Alternative Added sheet worker script to update incongruent max trauma values on … Mar 27, 2016
Mutant-year-zero Update sheet.json Mar 23, 2015
Mutants and Masterminds 3E fixed fortitude total not calculating Misc. Apr 15, 2016
Myriad Song Myriad Song Initial Commit Apr 26, 2015
Mystery-of-the-Abbey Sync Jun 2, 2014
NWOD-Changeling Sync Jun 2, 2014
NWOD-Demon Merge pull request #1352 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-58 Feb 2, 2016
NWOD-Hunter The Vigil Update NWOD-Hunter.html Sep 16, 2015
NWOD-Mage cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
NWOD-Werewolf WtF Background FIx Mar 29, 2016
Naheulbeuk Update Naheulbeuk.css May 20, 2015
NarrativesUnlimitedD10 added stored matrices, fixed exotic HL Jun 8, 2015
New World of Darkness Official fixing misspelling in NWoD - Official sheet folder Feb 22, 2016
Nightshade Academy #2 Add Stress Tracks Mar 31, 2016
No Thank You Evil add No Thank You, Evil! Mar 2, 2016
Numenera Update Numenera.html Jun 26, 2014
Numenera_NathasNumenera_English Numenera tabbed v4.8: unified basic roll template Oct 10, 2015
Numenera_NathasNumenera_French Numenera tabbed v4.8: unified basic roll template Oct 10, 2015
OVA Removed Token Action Mar 16, 2016
Oltree-FR Bug exaltation sur soldat Feb 21, 2016
Only War Initial Commit Sep 1, 2015
Palladium Megaverse Update palladium_megaverse.html Mar 22, 2015
Palladium-Rifts Update Palladium-Rifts.html Nov 5, 2015
Paranoia cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Pathfinder (Old) Pathfinder(Old)Legacy - minor update for repeating sections Jan 31, 2016
Pathfinder (Spanish) fixing commit revert mistake Jan 21, 2016
Pathfinder-DE Pathfinder Character Sheet German Translation Oct 3, 2015
Pathfinder-FR Translating pathfinder-neceros Sep 10, 2015
Pathfinder-Neceros tiny update 44 Apr 4, 2016
Pathfinder Corrected Jan 11, 2016
Pendragon-french Update Pendragon-french.html Dec 3, 2014
Pendragon Update Pendragon.html Jan 17, 2015
PokemonTabletopAdventures Update sheet.json Jun 3, 2015
PokemonTabletopUnited Roll page bugfix Mar 6, 2016
PokemonTabletopUnitedFull Added 'base stat' field to PTU Full sheet to aid players in tracking … Oct 14, 2014
PortesMonstresTresors Portes Monstres Trésors v4.2 Feb 28, 2016
Psi-Punk Cleaning up .json references Jan 20, 2015
Qin Warring States Update sheet.json Apr 25, 2016
RWBY_RoC-Unofficial_Tabletop_RPG trying to fix weird text encoding Mar 28, 2016
Remnants update preview image Apr 18, 2016
Risus Space Opera Ziechael: Risus character sheet now html not txt hopefully unless im … Jul 25, 2015
Rogue_Trader readme Apr 16, 2016
Rogue_Trader_fr finish translation and presentation of the ship sheet Apr 16, 2016
Rolemaster-Standard-System Remove spare n from sheet; update html entities. Aug 17, 2015
Rolemaster_1E Fix duplicate attr name Oct 8, 2014
RoleplayingIsMagic_4E RiM4 improved body roll fix. Apr 8, 2016
Runequest_6 Patch to fix the selects referring to repeating cults in rq6 sheet Dec 22, 2015
Runequest_6_FR RuneQuest6 : French Character Sheet Feb 9, 2016
Ryuutama Added blank attribute selection for condition bonus for sake of Navig… Jan 25, 2016
Sagas_Of_The_Icelanders Update sheet.json Sep 10, 2015
SavageWorlds-Tabbed-French v4.4 : Skill level & Assets added to Initiative Jun 2, 2015
SavageWorlds-Tabbed Corrected CSS File Feb 20, 2016
SavageWorlds Revert "Final changes for Fugue and Savage worlds Sheet" Mar 14, 2015
SavageWorldsFrench Savage Worlds French v1.5 Feb 28, 2016
Scion Scion: Background Fix Mar 29, 2016
Serenity Fix display of numbers in stun/wound/shock/pp Nov 18, 2014
Shadow of the Demon Lord Change Ancestry and Spell Tradition to use input fields instead of se… Mar 17, 2016
Shadowrun2e created shadowrun2e sheet Feb 11, 2016
Shadowrun5D-german Update sheet.json Dec 21, 2015
Shadowrun5e-Gerdofal excludes logging and initiative avoidance Mar 21, 2016
Shadowrun5e Sync Jun 2, 2014
Shadows Over Sol Fixed a bug displaying the logo. Added section for Shock modifier. Dec 17, 2015
Shadows of Esteren Ready to sumbit to Roll20... I think Apr 9, 2016
Silent Legions cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Silhouette_Core Initial Commit for SilCore and Hc Svnt Dragones Dec 21, 2015
Simple System Simple System Character Sheet Oct 6, 2014
Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Update to Song of Fire and Ice Feb 15, 2016
Spycraft_2.0 [Spycraft_2.0] Initiative Roll now updates tracker Apr 21, 2016
Spylite New Game - Spylite Sep 14, 2015
Star Frontiers Minor Updates Jun 11, 2015
Star Marx fix images path for STAR Marx sheet Mar 8, 2016
Star Wars Edge of the Empire Update EotE.html Mar 11, 2016
Star Wars EotEmpire_Dice - FR Add other authors Oct 13, 2015
Star Wars FFG API-Compatible Updated to Version Mar 23, 2016
Star Wars Saga Edition Update sheet.json Dec 28, 2015
StarWarsEdgeOfTheEmpire_Dice Weapon Condition Changes Apr 15, 2015
Stars_Without_Number Fixed "Always readied" gear Nov 17, 2015
Street_Fighter-neovatar * updated README Feb 20, 2016
Strike! Update sheet.json Sep 4, 2015
Supersix Supersix (new sheet, french) Jan 24, 2016
Svavelvinter fixing encoding Feb 13, 2015
Swords_&_Wizardry Spanish json userdid updated Mar 9, 2016
Swords_&_Wizardry Fix spelling of Deity (label only) Oct 26, 2015
Symbaroum Update symbaroum.html Jan 27, 2016
Tavern-Tales adjusted XP location Jan 12, 2016
Technoir Merge pull request #1311 from CoalPoweredPuppet/patch-57 Jan 13, 2016
Tenra Bansho Zero Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/Roll20/master' into Tenra-… Jan 15, 2016
Tephra Technoir, Demon, and Tephra Dec 16, 2015
The God Machine Chronicle (nWoD) Table Alignment Fix Jan 31, 2015
The One Ring Updated stuff. Oct 29, 2014
The Strange Update sheet.json Oct 28, 2015
The_Sprawl Update thesprawl_sheet.html Mar 24, 2016
Titansgrave Merge pull request #1366 from mansen/finetuning Feb 2, 2016
Toon Added new Character Sheet for Toon Feb 28, 2015
Torchbearer Updated torchbearer.html by fixing typos Oct 20, 2015
Torg Update torg.css Sep 7, 2014
TormentaRPG cleaning up missing preview images for char sheets Jan 8, 2016
Trail of Cthulhu (spanish) Añadido JSON e imagen Oct 8, 2015
Trail of Cthulhu Updated stuff. Oct 29, 2014
Trail of Cthulhu_french Trail of Cthulhu french v1 Dec 27, 2015
Tri-Stat Tri-Stat repair Apr 21, 2016
True20 Update true20.html Jun 7, 2014
Unisystem-All Flesh Must Be Eaten Commit for Use Mar 27, 2015
UnknownArmies UA fix attempt 3 Mar 17, 2015
UnknownPonies Update sheet.json Jun 6, 2014
Urban_Shadows Corrected issues link Feb 6, 2016
Vampire the Requiem VtR: replacing backgrounds Mar 23, 2016
Victoriana 2ed Fuzion, Tri-Stat, Victoriana Jan 8, 2016
WFRP-2nd-Ed Fixing bug #12 where the calculated toughness bonus was incorrectly r… Mar 29, 2016
Witch_Hunter_2e Witch Hunter Character Sheet Updates Feb 25, 2015
Yogsquest Merge pull request #548 from Lithl/master Jan 7, 2015
d20 Modern d20 Modern Minor Fix Apr 16, 2016
fate_core_with_rolls fate core with roll bug fix Feb 24, 2016
fate_core_with_rolls_VF the good version Mar 4, 2016
kitchensink Sync Jun 2, 2014
pathfinder_simple PF_simple - HP|max fix, carried coin weight, crit damage roll query Mar 5, 2016
the-void Added melee weapons and fixed a few styling issues. Mar 29, 2015
tigres_volants Bug fix sur lancer de dés en Mécanique Mar 17, 2016
wfrp3e-French Update sheet.json Dec 14, 2015
wfrp3e Update sheet.json Jun 1, 2015
.gitattributes gneral Apr 8, 2014
.gitignore Fixes to messed up roll formulas for defense and perception. Apr 16, 2016
LICENSE Update dates in LICENSE. Jan 8, 2016 Sync Jun 2, 2014
approved.yaml Update approved.yaml Apr 25, 2016

Roll20 Character Sheets

This repository is the collection of all the community-contributed character sheets that are available for use on Roll20.


If you want to help improve an existing sheet, just clone this repository, make your changes, and submit a pull request. If you would like to contribute a new sheet for the community to use, just clone this repository and create a new folder with the name of the game system that the sheet is for. Then send a pull request. If you have any questions or aren't familiar with Github or git in general, feel free to drop us a line at and we can help you get set up.

Creating a sheet.json File

When you are ready to submit your template for public use, create a sheet.json file in your sheet's folder (see the kitchensink folder for an example sheet.json file). The file has the following fields:

  • html: The name of the HTML file for the sheet (e.g. kitchensink.html)
  • css: The name of the CSS file for the sheet (e.g. kitchensink.css)
  • authors: A simple string telling who contributed toward the sheet (e.g. Riley Dutton)
  • roll20userid: A simple string telling the Roll20 User ID's of the authors (e.g. 1 or 45672,145678). Just used so we know who to credit internally, won't be shown publicly on the site.
  • preview: The name of an image file which should be included in your sheet folder showing a preview/screenshot of the sheet (will be displayed in-app at 500x500 resolution) (e.g. kitchensink.png)
  • instructions: Markdown-formatted instructions for using the sheet. If there are any particular setup steps, special rolls you want to make the player aware of, etc., this is the place to put that info. Try to be succinct.

After we have reviewed your sheet if we approve it we will add it to the approved.yaml file in the root directory which will cause it to be available to everyone on the main Roll20 site. If we reject your sheet, we will comment on your Github commit and let you know what changes need to be made before it can be accepted.



Here are a few guidelines that you should follow when contributing sheets for the community:

Make it Familiar

The sheet for each game type should be familiar to players who are used to seeing the paper version of that sheet. It shouldn't be identical or violate any copyright, but it also shouldn't be laid out in such a crazy way that players will have a hard time understanding how to use it. Design for ease of us first and foremost. Along those lines, keep your UI changes simple -- please don't change the basic functionality of how a checkbox works, for example.

Add Rolls

The best sheets not only keep track of character stats, they have most of the rolls for the game system embedded in them. This makes it much easier for new players to play the game (just "click on that button on the sheet" versus "Make a macro, okay put slash roll one dee twenty..."). While you don't have to include every roll in the whole system, including the most common ones where appropriate can really help elevate your sheet to the next level.

Don't Duplicate Work

We only need one sheet for each system. For some major systems like Pathfinder or D&D, we may allow more than one sheet if they are different enough, but contact us in advance before you spend a lot of time working on a new sheet for a game we already have a sheet for. We should focus on improving existing sheets, not creating totally new ones. Along those lines, this is a community effort, so if you want to help improve an existing sheet, just jump in and do so.

Use Standard Attribute Names

Whenever possible, use standard names for attributes, spelled out. For example, "Intelligence", "Strength", and "Wisdom". This is important so that if a Character is imported into a game with a different sheet, most of the values will be able to transition. If the attribute names are all different, then nothing can be imported. Your best bet is to look at existing sheets and whenever possible use the same attribute names that are already in use.

No Character Creation or Advancement

Due to copyright restrctions, please don't attempt to include functionality for advancing a character automatically to the next level or creating a new character from scratch automatically. It's fine to have attributes that auto-calculate based on other attributes (including the current level). We'll let you know if your submitted sheet violates this rule.


All of the code (HTML/CSS) of the sheets in this repository is released under the MIT license (see LICENSE file for details). If you contribute a new sheet or help improve an existing sheet, you agree that your contribution is released under the MIT License as well.

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