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RomVault World
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RVWorld (RomVaultWorld)

The future home of RomVault 3.0

For now:

  • Compress -- 7Zip & Zip compression libraries
  • DATReader -- Reads DAT files into a Class structure
  • DATReaderTest -- Stand alone DATReader Test
  • Dir2Dat -- Use DATReader to perform Dir2Dat (Experimental)
  • FileHeaderReader -- No-Intro File reader code. (being used in RomVault 3.0 Beta)
  • RVIO -- File code that enabled long filenames
  • Trrntzip -- Trrntzip core library code
  • TrrntzipCMD -- Commandline version of Trrntzip
  • TrrntzipUI -- UI version of Trrntzip
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