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Ctrlr Controls any MIDI enabled hardware: synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, effects. Create custom User Interfaces. Host them as VST or AU plugins in your favorite DAWs.

Cross Platform

Works on Windows (XP and up, both 64 and 32bit binaries are available), MAC OSX (10.5 and up), Linux (any modern distro should run it). Host in your DAW

Each platform has a VST build of Ctrlr so you can host your panels as normal VST plugins, for the OSX a special AU build is available.


Panel is designer canvas with Lua scripting capability on which user can design and customize required UI, the panels are XML files, every panel can be Edited in Ctrlr to suite your specific needs.

Open Source

Need special functionality or want to propose a patch/feature update, know a bit about C++/JUCE framework etc. You can always download the source code and build Ctrlr by yourself.


With the scripting possibilities inside Ctrlr you can extend your panels in various ways. The LUA scripting language gives you access to all panels elements and hooks to various events.

Building on various OS

Curious and want to build Ctrlr on your favorite OS ? all you need to do is follow the followings :)


If you want to just build a specific version (Standalone/VST), you should open a project in Builds\Generated\Windows (Standalone is for VS2010, the rest of the folder are named based on the VS they correspond to). If you wish to use Codeblocks a project is there too.

If the current commit does not because it complains about precompiled headers (you can easily see that the project is wrong if there is no x64 in the Configuration manager) you need to exclude some files from using precompiled headers, the files are:

*.c files in Misc *.cpp files in Juce Library Code

Also for those files you need to uncheck the option to inherit command line options Configuration Properties - C/C++ - Command Line - "Inherit from parent or project defaults"

You need to set the creation of the precompiled header for the stdafx.cpp.

If you don't have Introjucer/Projucer built, disable the "Pre-Build Event" for the Debug Configuration, or else it will fail. If you wish to re-create resources though point the correct path to Projucer.exe

In order to build all configurations and all platforms, you can open the Builds/Ctrlr_Release.sln solution, and build it, assuming that each individual solution builds (Standalone/VST x86/x64) all versions will be built in this solution.


A build.sh script is provided in Builds/Generated/Linux/Standalone, a symlink of that script is location in Builds/Generated/Linux/VST and is used to create a precompiled header and then to trigger the build using make. You can do that manualy if you like just have a look at the script, it's really simple.

A more complex solution exists in Scripts/post-commit, this script will build all solutions for the current architecture, it will also prepare the system for the build, unpack boost.zip check some packages (on Ubuntu only for now) and start the build. At the end it will create a self extracting Ctrlr.sh file in Packaging/Linux (create using makeself.sh), it will also try to scp it to ctrlr.org but that will fail without the correct ssh key, you can just comment out the scp line in post-commit.

The post-commit script takes an argument "clean" if you wish to clean all the intermididate files before building. If you want to ignore any package errors that it reports (i assume you know your system better then my script) then just add -f as an option when building.


You need the CoreAudio developer files for the build to work.

First you need to build the AU_wrapper library that simplifies the build a lot, it's located in Builds/Generated/Mac/AU_Wrapper, it will create a .a library and try to put it in /usr/local/lib if it fails, do that manualy (permission problems)

Open the corresponding Xcode project in Builds/Generated/Mac, after that just build it, in case of errors you are on your own, the amount of changes between Xcode versions and OSX versions is impossible for me to track, you can post an issue and i'll try to solve it.