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A file rename script for bash, supporing wildcards. ABANDONED, see Readme...


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bash Pathname Expansion makes desired outcome impossible


A file rename script for bash, supporting wildcards. Syntax similar to DOS - rename files via wildcards.

Parses input for options & parameters, handles Pathname Expansion, and once parameters are cleaned, passes them to the "mv" command.

NOTE: It is impossible to achieve the desired results with Pathname Expansion enabled, and it is not desirable to disable it: This project is cancelled.

Pathname Expansion details:

Suppose an existing directory with 3 files:

  • file1.html
  • file2.htm
  • file3.htm

Next, consider the following attempt to rename the htm files as html files (works for all commands run in bash, not just ren):

Basic usage: ren *.htm *.html

What the target script receives is ALL THREE file names, because the wildcards are expanded PRIOR to the script receiving them as parameters.

The following is impossible to determine a desired result from:

ren file1.html file2.htm file3.htm when one considers all permutations that could occur.

The same reason why mv *.htm *.html, for exampe, will not work in bash.

It is possible to achieve something close to the desired result by enclosing all parameters in quotes, thusly:

ren "*.htm" "*.html"

But that loses the "muscle memory" of the old DOS ren command, and forgetting the quotes could have quite poor consequences.

Also recall that * is a valid file name in Linux file systems.

Hence, the project has been cancelled; at least a lot was learned about bash, Pathname Expansion, and more.

Run with -h to get usage. Run with -h -vv to get full usage.


A file rename script for bash, supporing wildcards. ABANDONED, see Readme...