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Deploy Hugo + Netlify CMS in minutes!

Hugo theme Remix, screenshot of the Homepage

Deploy to Netlify


Nearly perfect results on Google's benchmarks

Getting started

Deploy to Netlify

You can generate your own website based on Remix with this link. You will be guided through the following steps:

  1. this repo will be duplicated on Github or Gitlab. An account is required and will be created on the way if needed.
  2. Netlify will then use these files to build your website. Hosting, SSL certificate and domain are automatically set up. For free!
  3. When your website is ready, Netlify sends you an email with an invitation link. Open this link, set up your password and you are in!

Run locally

  1. Install Hugo.
    Hugo versions 0.71, 0.80 and 0.96 was successfully tested. Note that Hugo extended is required.
  2. Clone the repo: git clone remix
  3. Run: cd remix && hugo server


Remix is based on Kimix, by OhBonsaï. See for a diff.


Dark theme

Dark theme

Light theme

Light theme

Netlify CMS / Homepage

Homepage of Netlify CMS


Single post edition

Media management

Media gallery


Remix is released under the Apache 2.0 license


This project is open to contribution. I personnaly use this Gitlab repo but feel free to open a ticket or submit a PR on Github

Going further