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Rookout official tutorial for using Java
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Rookout tutorial for debugging Java applications

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A sample app for debugging Java using Rookout.

Helpful links:


  1. Java 8
  2. Docker (optional) -


  1. Clone the sample app from this repository:
git clone
cd tutorial-java
  1. Set your Rookout Token as an environment variable (for Windows, use set instead of ***export)
export ROOKOUT_TOKEN=[Your Rookout Token]
  1. Build and run the app

Build and run the app using Gradle:

./gradlew bootJar run
  • Optional - Run the app using docker (Java & Gradle are not required)
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e "ROOKOUT_TOKEN=[Your Rookout Token]" rookout/tutorial-java


  • Log in to the Rookout IDE.

  • Add the source code according to the instructions using the left pane Source View

    More details

    Adding source code

    1. Click on Add source
    2. Choose source control
      • Github
        • Click on Connect
        • Authorize O-Auth
        • Fill Repository Owner
        • Click Repository and choose from the dropdown menu
        • Click Next
        • Choose the desired branch
        • Click View Repository
      • Local FileSystem - Server
        • Click on Setup Server
        • Choose a supported HTTP Server
        • Follow the on-screen instructions

  • Open the file src/main/java/com/rookout/tutorial/

  • Add a Snapshot Breakpoint to the addTodo function by clicking next the the line number in the file viewer Snapshot Breakpoint

  • Looking at the right-hand pane Breakpoints, you will see the Breakpoint and the line number where you added it - it should be GREEN
    Valid Breakpoint

  • Go the the app page - http://localhost:8080/ and add try to add a task to the todo list

Add Task

  • Check the bottom pane Messages and you'll see the dumpframe you just added - it was triggered by the handler of the web page when you accessed it!

Message pane

Common Pitfalls

  • Breakpoint status is RED -- Hash mismatch. It means the file used in the server is not the same file used from github/local server in
  • Breakpoint status is GRAY -- No app connected. Make sure you have inserted the Rookout Token in the right place and that connection is made properly.

Bug Hunt

Great! You're now ready to start debugging, let's start by having some fun with our bug hunt - follow the instructions to try out some basic use cases.

Want to learn more ?



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