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My fuzzing workshop from PHDays9
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Fuzzing 101

So, this year (2019) me along with my colleague Zubin delivered a workshop in PHDays9 on fuzzing. This workshop was mainly focused on an introduction to fuzzing using AFL and ASAN.

The prime focus of the workshop would be around the following areas: Fuzzing using SPIKE, blind and 
input-based fuzzing (AFL), finding memory bugs using ASAN with AFL integration, protocol fuzzing 
(HTTP, FTP, SMTP). Then we concluded the workshop by showcasing multiple bugs found during their 

Here are the slides and OVA file which was used during the workshop.

Slides: Fuzzing-101_PHDays.pdf

Ubuntu OVA: Ubuntu_Fuzzing101.ova
Size: 4.x GB
Username: PHDays
Password: E@sy

Read this on my blog:

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