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RougeWare makes small software packages. Y'know, stuff you'd tweet about.


  1. Swift-Lazy-Containers Swift-Lazy-Containers Public

    A few lazy-initialization container types for Swift 5.1

    Swift 34 2

  2. Swift-SemVer Swift-SemVer Public

    A small Swift library that implements SemVer 2.0.0. This is designed to be simple to use and to easily fit into any Swift codebase.

    Swift 4 1

  3. Swift-Rectangle-Tools Swift-Rectangle-Tools Public

    A set of Swift utilities for dealing with rectangles, including a way to generically build your own!

    Swift 3

  4. Micro-JS-Enum Micro-JS-Enum Public

    Forked from tolgaek/node-enum

    Simple enum library for creating and using enums

    JavaScript 25 4

  5. JSON-for-Notepad-Plus-Plus JSON-for-Notepad-Plus-Plus Public

    Notepad++ JSON Syntax Hiligher

    16 17

  6. Code-Highlighting Code-Highlighting Public

    Ways to highlight your code



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