Easily paste and upload files/images in plain textareas
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A new version is being developed in the dev-3.x branch

Inline Attachment 2.0.3 Master Branch Build Status

Adds upload functionality to a textarea or CodeMirror instance by either drag-dropping or pasting (only in chrome) an image inside it.

It's similar to pasting of images in Github.


Getting started

The latest versions are available here


The package can be installed using Bower

bower install inline-attachment


Documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs

Handling image uploads

The Demo folder contains an example in PHP on how to handle uploads.


To build the project you need node, npm and grunt installed. These tools can be installed on Ubuntu as follows:

Follow the Node.js guide: Node.js installation

Go to the project folder and run the following:

npm install

This should build the project and the files will appear in the dist/ folder


See Github releases