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#ifndef _REPLAY_H
#define _REPLAY_H
#include "common/FileBuffer.h"
#define MAX_REPLAYS 8 // how many automatic replays to save
#define REC_OK 0
#define REC_ERR 1
#define REC_END 2
struct ReplayHeader
uint16_t magick;
uint32_t randseed;
bool locked;
int total_frames;
int stageno;
uint64_t createstamp;
Settings settings;
struct ReplayRecording
ReplayHeader hdr;
FileBuffer fb;
uint32_t lastkeys;
uint32_t runlength;
FILE *fp;
struct ReplayPlaying
ReplayHeader hdr;
uint32_t keys;
uint32_t runlength;
int elapsed_frames;
int elapsed_records;
FILE *fp;
int ffwdto, ffwd_accel;
int stopat;
int termtimer; // blinks "TERMINATED" after replay ends
enum RS_Status
RS_UNUSED, // there is no file in this slot
RS_UNLOCKED, // there is an unlocked file in this slot
RS_LOCKED // there is a locked file in this slot
struct ReplaySlotInfo
char filename[MAXPATHLEN]; // filename of the replay for this slot, if there is one
int status; // status of this slot
ReplayHeader hdr; // header from slot
namespace Replay
bool begin_record(const char *fname);
bool end_record();
bool begin_playback(const char *fname);
bool end_playback();
void run();
void close();
void OnGameStarting();
bool begin_record_next();
bool IsRecording();
bool IsPlaying();
void DrawStatus();
void set_ffwd(int frame, bool accel=true);
void set_stopat(int frame);
bool LoadHeader(const char *fname, ReplayHeader *hdr);
bool SaveHeader(const char *fname, ReplayHeader *hdr);
void GetSlotInfo(int slotno, ReplaySlotInfo *slot);
void FramesToTime(int framecount, char *buffer);
int GetPlaybackPosition(int max);
static uint32_t EncodeBits(bool *values, int nvalues);
static void DecodeBits(uint32_t value, bool *array, int len);
static void run_record();
static void run_playback();
static int GetAvailableSlot(void);
const char *GetReplayName(int slotno, char *buffer = NULL);