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CoreXY 3d Printer from Roy Berntsen
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V-Baby CoreXY 3d Printer

The desktop CoreXY 3d Printer by Roy Berntsen - OpenSource - OpenBuilds Machine

In this repository you will find the print files, source files and documentation for the V-Baby 3D printer. If you are missing a part or information of feel free to file an issue on github

I would appreciate if you buy me a coffe to keep the pace going in this project:

Buy Me A Coffee

You can be a supporter of the develompent on patreon here:

Community links: -

All files are released according to the following license unless specified differently in the file or directory: CC-by-NC:

Roy Berntsen - Research and Development

3d model for view and download Base Frame: Bed Frame: X Axis Assembly: Bottom Enclosure:

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