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NBHEXT -- No ButtHurt EXTension for CodeForces
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No ButtHurt EXTension for Codeforces


This extension allows you to see your rating change at Codeforces at any time. Yes, even when the contest is over and ratings are not updated yet.

Please note that the extension might need to take some time to download some large amount of data from Codeforces, but in general no more than two minutes (only once when the browser has started).


The latest version can be downloaded from Google Web Store.

As well you can install it as unpacked extension:

  • Enable developer mode at chrome://extensions/
  • Click the 'Load unpacked extension...' button and choose folder with unpacked extension (it is called NBHEXT in repository)
  • Enjoy your NBHEXT!

Contributing to NBHEXT

Feel free to fix bugs or add new features, pull requests are welcome.


Roman Rubanenko    (,   @Rubanenko at
Maxim Molchanov    (,       @MaximM    at
Aleksey Kholovchuk (, @meh       at



See LICENSE for details

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