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Releases: Ruben2776/PicView

PicView 2.2.2

12 Feb 13:54
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What's Changed

  • Updated Korean by @VenusGirl in #138
  • PicView now closes menus when entering fullscreen
  • Fixed the context menu and the pop-up menus not updating when language is changed
  • Fixed issue with saving settings. If PicView is installed with no write permissions, it will save to the AppData folder
  • When using PicView to delete the viewed image, it should no longer navigate back twice
  • Minor updates to the Danish translation

PicView 2.2.1

27 Jan 15:21
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  • Performance improvements for image loading
  • Fix an issue causing a crash when using drag and drop to load unsupported files #135
  • Updated German translation
  • Set language from operating system, if the user settings have not been configured
  • Better handling when loading images that are corrupt/invalid
  • Minor UI improvements
  • PicView now focuses when opening images in the same window
  • Updated logic for saving settings #137
  • Add support for Nanazip #134

Full Changelog: 2.2...2.2.1

PicView 2.2

01 Jan 18:48
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What's New

  • Folder Synchronization: PicView now synchronizes with the viewed folder, ensuring real-time updates for file additions, deletions, and renames.
  • Last File on Startup: New settings to show the last file on startup or a specific file.
  • Open Last File as URL: The new option to open the last file works seamlessly if it is a URL.


  • Enhanced Language Switching: Changing the language no longer requires a restart.
  • Gallery Loading Enhancements: Preloading and gallery loading improvements for smoother performance.
  • Portable Settings: PicView now uses .json settings, making it portable. Ideal for storing on a USB thumb drive. #106

Bug Fixes

  • Subdirectory Toggling: Fixed an issue where toggling subdirectories wasn't running in the background properly, causing the application to become unresponsive.
  • Last File Opening: Fixed an issue of opening the last file not always being correct.
  • Mousewheel Options: Fixed mouse wheel options not working. #130
  • Visual Bugs: Fixed visual bugs when changing the visibility of the bottom gallery while the interface is being hidden.
  • Mouse Right-Click Menu: Corrected the right-click menu functionality on the gallery thumbnails.
  • Lockscreen Image Function: Fixed issues with the 'Set as lockscreen image' function.

Language and Locale

  • Korean Language Update: Thanks to @VenusGirl for the latest Korean language update. #129
  • Enhanced Language Switching: Changing the language no longer requires a restart.

User Experience

  • Rotation: Improved the image rotation to make it feel more user-friendly
  • EXIF-Based Auto-Rotation: Added auto-rotate and image flipping based on EXIF orientation. #131
  • Cropping: Fixed the image cropping opening in unintended scenarios

Performance and Stability

  • Optimized Operation: 'Optimize Image' function now displays messages for unsupported files and guarantees additional stability.
  • Gallery Loading Enhancements: Preloading and gallery loading improvements for smoother performance.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 180742

Note: If an error happened when opening, please redownload your version

PicView 2.1

12 Dec 07:02
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What's Changed

  • New Customizable keybindings! Open the About window and scroll down to change them #128
  • New image scaling mode by @nopeless in #122
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect sorting order when using the context menu, from the image gallery, to delete the corresponding file
  • Fixed the gallery icon showing up unintended
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the application to not exit properly, if closing when the gallery thumbnails are still loading
  • Optimization and fixes for first start-up with bottom gallery enabled
  • Optimization to loading the thumbnail gallery items
  • Fixed a label not reacting when mouse is over in the settings window
  • Improved the responsiveness when activating the Optimize image function
  • The file information in the pop-up, when hovering the mouse over a gallery thumbnail, will now be truncated when needed
  • The update function will now update based on the specific version, rather than defaulting to the installer
  • Updated the credits in the info window
  • Updated Magick.NET to 13.4.0

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 2.0...2.1

PicView 2.0

21 Nov 14:26
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What's Changed

  • General Performance Enhancements
  • Fixed a crash occurring when trying to zoom with no displayed image
  • Enhanced visual design for inactive windows
  • Added .cr2 and .cr3 files to the file dialog (e.g., when using Ctrl + O)
  • Improved animation when clicking on thumbnails in image galleries
  • Fixed incorrect cropping when the bottom image gallery is shown
  • Improved highlighting for when the bottom image gallery is shown
  • Fixed the bottom image gallery not being shown when using the file history function
  • Fixed an error that could cause the gallery to reload when the option to search subdirectories is enabled
  • Fixed the window having an incorrect size when the bottom gallery is shown and the Fit to window option is enabled
  • Improved the responsiveness when dragging files and folders into the application
  • Fixed the image resize function not properly closing when entering % into the input fields
  • Fixed an issue causing the application to close when attempting to close the resize function
  • Fixed an issue when deleting files, that could cause the files to load in an incorrect order
  • Improved responsiveness and performance of the Duplicate file function
  • Fixed the start-up menu not being removed when using drag and drop to load a folder
  • Fixed a possible crash if attempting to re-sort the file loading order, when the gallery thumbnails are still loading
  • Fixed a potential crash occurring when changing folder while the gallery thumbnails are still loading
  • Fixed a crash caused by deleting files being viewed outside the application

PicView 1.9.6

29 Aug 13:29
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  • Fixed an error when starting the application in full-screen
  • Fixed incorrect scroll behavior
  • Fixed incorrect index when deleting file from a gallery item context menu
  • Opening last file now includes directory structure when searching subdirectories is enabled
  • Updated SkiaSharp version

PicView 1.9.5

01 Aug 09:21
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  • New: Tooltips added for each gallery thumbnail
  • New: Right-clicking a gallery thumbnail now opens a context menu with additional options
  • New: File duplication feature accessible through the context menu
  • New: Icon to indicate when an image cannot be rendered
  • Improvement: Faster loading for thumbnail galleries
  • Improvement: Renaming file extensions now converts them to the appropriate file format
  • Improvement: When cropping an image, saving it will now select the same folder
  • Improvement: The drag and drop folder icon now adapts to the user's selected color scheme
  • Improvement: Copying images to clipboard preserves their transparent background instead of a black color
  • Fix: Viewing archives now works even with 7-Zip or WinRAR installed in uncommon paths
  • Fix: Corrected sizing when scrolling while viewing the bottom gallery
  • Fix: Slideshow now restores to the previous window size
  • Fix: Slideshow no longer shows the bottom gallery
  • Fix: Resolved a crash when opening a folder with unauthorized access
  • Fix: Issues with hiding the bottom gallery when hiding the user interface is hidden
  • Fix: The bottom gallery no longer shows when loading an image from the internet
  • Fix: The Image info window's textbox values now update correctly when changing file names
  • UI: Minor updates to the user interface

PicView 1.9

03 Jul 17:13
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What's Changed

  • Introducing a new bottom image gallery that replaces the full-screen gallery and can be utilized in normal window mode.
  • Added support for .thm images, which are used as thumbnails for video files.
  • Expanded support for additional image formats: .fpx, .pcd, and .flif.
  • Updated the file filtering functionality for the Open File Dialog (accessible via Ctrl + O), providing a more refined selection experience.
  • Enhanced visual feedback to indicate active windows more effectively.
  • Korean language updated by @VenusGirl in #110.
  • The full-screen option now opens on the current monitor for improved convenience.
  • Addressed issues with scrolling to the selected image from the first start-up and when performing drag & drop operations with the gallery open.
  • Rectified the keyboard shortcut for flipping images to correctly reflect the orientation of the flip buttons and ensure that the image is flipped back when moving to the next image, if it was already flipped.
  • Resolved the resize function, ensuring it occupies the entire window size when the window is resizable.
  • Made minor updates to UI color schemes for improved visual aesthetics.
  • Fixed the application persisting to run after quitting when the thumbnails are loading in the background.

Full Changelog: 1.8.6...1.9

PicView 1.8.6

12 Jun 12:59
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What's Changed

  • New animations for the image galleries
  • New setting to choose the amount of thumbnails being shown in the galleries
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the sorting order picked the wrong option
  • Fixed visual bugs when navigating to the next or previous folder when a gallery view was opened
  • Fixed unintended scrolling when editing values in the Image Info window
  • Updated logic for determining language at startup
  • Minor translation updates
  • Minor style updates

PicView 1.8.5