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Philips Hue module for the Community Solid Server

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💡 Control your Philips Hue Lights from within Solid applications.

What it is

  • The Community Solid Server allows people to expose their data on the Web behind access control.
  • This philips-hue npm package provides a plug-in store for the Community Solid Server that exposes your Philips Hue lights as read/write documents.
  • Solid apps can thereby access your light setup as if they would access any other document.

How to install

From the npm package registry:

mkdir my-server
cd my-server
npm install @solid/community-server@v0.5.0 solid-hue

As a developer:

git clone
cd solid-hue
npm ci

How to configure

Create a file settings.json from this template, and filling out your settings.

You can obtain your settings by creating a new Philips Hue App and following the set-up steps.

How to run

Execute the following command:

npx community-solid-server -c settings.json -m .

Now you can access your lights from http://localhost:3000/home/lights


©2020–2021 Ruben Verborgh, MIT License