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Ready-to-run Docker images containing IRuby Notebook applications
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RubyData Docker Stacks


RubyData Docker stacks are a set of ready-to-run Docker images containing Jupyter and data tools for Rubyists.

Quick Start

You can try the recent build of the RubyData/minimal-notebook image on by click the link below:

How to run on docker in your machine

The following command pulls the latest rubydata/datascience-notebook image from DockerHub if it isn't available on the local machine. It then starts a container running a Jupyter Notebook system and exposes the 8888 port so that you can connect to Jupyter Notebook. You can see the URL of http://<hostname>:8888/?token=<token> in the server log in the terminal. Visiting this URL in a Web browser, you can see Jupyter Notebook dashboard page on the browser.

docker run -p 8888:8888 rubydata/datascience-notebook


MIT License

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