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The Browser as Your Studio

Web Audio & MIDI

This is the Web Audio & A Little MIDI talk by Ruth John

Versions of this talk have been seen at:


Audio with web technologies; it doesn't always have to be annoying background music that starts playing when you open a new tab.

The Web Audio API is extremely powerful, we can create sounds, load them, analyse them, modify them in an insane amount of different ways. This is an in-depth talk into the different methods of the API and not just the details, but how best we could use them in our development work flow. What techniques really come in useful when loading and manipulating sounds? We'll outline just that so you can go away feeling more confident knowing you that yes you can use audio!

And if all that wasn't enough, there's just a sprinkling of MIDI to go on top.


There are recordings of the talk


I don't upload my slides due to some problems I've had with copyright infringement (As in people taking my slides 😢).

However, you can find all the slides within the talk in the index file within this build. It's just an HTML file so pretty easy to navigate - all my slide notes are there as well, within the markup.

For each conference I branch, so just choose the correct branch for the correct index (no two talks are the same).

Examples referenced within the talk

Resources & Further Reading

Learn to Code Links


Very rough version of the buttons and spacialisation demo can be found in this file

Please bear in mind these are talk demos and code is very rough :)

Get in touch

I tend to talk about Audio, MIDI and/or real time visuals, all related to web technologies. I either do this stand-a-lone or as part of the { Live : JS } collective, where we also provide workshops, installations and shows.

You can find me on Twitter or just drop me an email