Web site categorising all the web/browser apis - most importantly uses for them - but also their code, resources, w3c status and other links.
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Browser APIs dot WTF

Web site categorising all the browser APIs - their code, resources, w3c status and other links.

And most specifically use cases.

This is for everyone, so please feel free to contribute! The main remit is just add an API or update an existing one with more content :D

Get up and running

Fork the repo

I'm a Middleman site, the standard setup applies:

Install dependencies

First you will need to install Ruby (ships with OS X so if your on a Mac your good to go), after which you can open your terminal and use these commands to setup Middleman.

# Install Bundler and the Middleman dependencies
gem install bundler
bundle install
# Run the Middleman server, watching for any changes
bundle exec middleman

Site should be running locally on port 4567 (goto localhost:4567 in browser)

To add or amend APIs

APIs can be found in source/browserapis/

To amend just choose the right file and edit the info - it's pretty straight forward but ask if you need help :)

To create a new file for a new API, open exampleapi.html.md and RESAVE it with the name of the API to add.

Edit the info inside the file, it'll automatically be listed on the homepage.

Commit and create a pull request!

Thank you, you're awesome :D

Built by @Rumyra with help from @BPScott

Useful Links