London Code Dojo 07 - Roman Numerals
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These are my teams' solutions for the London Code Dojo 7 exercise, generating modern Roman numerals for a given integer.

This code is C# using the Visual Studio Test framework. The solution file is for the VS11 beta but the C# should be portable to other versions.

Rules for modern Roman numerals:

  • we only allow one subtract symbol, i.e. 8=VIII, 9=IX
  • digits are generated one at a time, i.e. 99=XCIX and not IC.

We ran an initial iteration, changed programming pairs then started again only keeping the unit tests from the first iteration.

  1. Iteration one: pairing with Adnan, we implemented a solution based on a sorted list of digit values, dividing the remaining number and repeating digits as necessary. Here we use include the allowed subtractions in the list of digits to simplify computing those cases. (We did also have a lot of tests for internal calculations here which did not survice past the second iteration.)
  2. Iteration two: pairing with Matt, based around a switch() statement to generate each digit at a time (which we eventually refactored away).

Thanks to @sleepyfox for running the event and setting the challenge!