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Soccer/football analytics blog posts & data viz from the World Cup, Premier League, Copa America, and beyond. Using ggplot2, ggsoccer, and more. ****Please look at the README for best version of the code!****
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Africa Cup of Nations 2019
Asian Cup 2019
Bundesliga 2018-2019
Bundesliga 2019-2020
Champions League & Europa League 2019-2020
Copa America 2019
Eredivisie 2018-2019
J-League 2018
Japan National Team
La Liga 2018-2019
Ligue 1 2018-2019
Lionel Messi
Premier League 2018-2019
Premier League 2019-2020
Serie A 2018-2019
Tokyo.R Presentation
Women's World Cup 2019
World Cup 2018

Re-create goals, stats viz, etc. from the World Cup and beyond. (Using ggplot2, ggsoccer, and more)

Ryo Nakagawara | Twitter: @R_by_Ryo

Visualizing Event-Level Data with R!

Lionel Messi / Barcelona (using StatsBomb data):

Copa América 2019 blog post:

Asian Cup 2019 blog post:

World Cup blog posts:


  • World Cup Goal Plots (static): World Cup/RMarkdown/worldcup_goal_plots.rmd
  • Animated World Cup Goals: Most up-to-date is in the blog post
  • Group Table Final Matchday: World Cup/RMarkdown/group_table_final_matchday.rmd
  • Animated Japan Uniforms: World Cup/RMarkdown/historical_kits.rmd
  • Liverpool FC Age-Utility Matrix: Gist
  • Jürgen Klopp's Managerial History with Elo Ratings: Gist
  • J.League: 各チームの平均推定市場価格 vs. 平均年齢: Gist
  • Asian Cup Top Scorers: Gist
  • Asian Cup Winners: Gist
  • J.League 2018 得点貢献度: Gist
  • Goal-Contribution Matrix (Premier League 2018-2019 Season): Gist
  • Player-Minutes Gantt Chart (Liverpool FC: 2010-2011 comparing Roy Hodgson vs. Kenny Dalglish): Gist

Tokyo.R Presentation (July 2018):


xG Match Summary

Pass Partner Plots: Total Completed Passes Into The Box Between All Players

Expected vs. Actuals Goals for select group of attacking players competing in the Copa América

Top Scorers of the Asian Cup

First Goal of the World Cup: Yuri Gazinsky

Premier League 2018-2019 Season: Goal-Contribution Matrix

Jürgen Klopp's Managerial History

Age-Utility Matrix: Liverpool FC

Cristiano Ronaldo's hattrick vs. Spain:

J.League 2018 Season: Goal Contribution Matrix

Group D Final Matchday Table:

Offside Trap gif:

Japan uniforms gif:

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