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ICS Security Products

Many discussion threads in ICS security internet forums are people asking for product recommendations. There is normally good response to this type of posts, but they all exist in little silos, dotted around the interent which makes them hard to find.

This project is an attempt to solve the problem of knowing where to go to find out about useful products in the ICS security space. It is inspired by @Ka0sKl0wN's list of ICS Security study resources at

The purpose of this project is to list ICS security products as a community resource. Please contribute if you have something useful to add.

The lists of products are not (yet) exhaustive. It is vendor-neutral. The key requirements for a product being on a list is that ICS/OT defenders find it useful for securing their environments. See the full inclusion criteria.

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Other Sources

The following sources may also be useful for finding OT security products:


The credits page lists the awesome people who have contributed to this project.