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This project contains a downstream version of the OpenJDK project. It is used to build and maintain a SAP supported version of OpenJDK for SAP customers and partners who wish to use OpenJDK to run their applications.

We want to stress that this is clearly a "friendly fork". SAP is committed to ensuring the continued success of the Java platform. SAP is:


Check out the Download section on


Check out our FAQs and wikipages for information about:

Have an issue?

If it's SapMachine specific please let us know by filing a new issue.

Please notice that the SapMachine issue tracker is mainly used internally by the SapMachine team to organize its work (i.e. sync with upstream, downporting fixes, add SapMachine specific features, etc.).

General VM/JDK bugs are maintained directly in the OpenJDK Bug System. You can open a SapMachine issue with a reference to an open or resolved OpenJDK bug if you want us to resolve the issue or downport the fix to a specific SapMachine version. If you find a general VM/JDK bug in SapMachine and don't have write access to the OpenJDK Bug System you can open an issue here and we'll take care to open a corresponding OpenJDK bug for it.

Every SapMachine release contains at least all the fixes of the corresponding OpenJDK release it is based on. You can easily find the OpenJDK base version by looking at the SapMachine version string.

You can find the Differences between SapMachine and OpenJDK and the Features Contributed by SAP in the SapMachine Wiki.


We currently do not accept external contributions for this project. If you want to improve the code or fix a bug please consider contributing directly to the upstream OpenJDK project. Our repositories will be regularly synced with the upstream project so any improvements in the upstream OpenJDK project will directly become visible in our project as well.


This project is run under the same licensing terms as the upstream OpenJDK project. Please see the LICENSE file in the top-level directory for more information.