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Service management plugin for Cloud Foundry tools

REUSE status


This is a Cloud Foundry(CF) Command Line Interface(CLI) plugin designed to make it easier when using the Service Management service in Cloud Foundry. It uses the service manager REST API to get details of service instances that the service management service has created.


Installed CloudFoundry CLI - ensure that CloudFoundry CLI is installed and working. For more information about installation of CloudFoundry CLI, please visit the official CloudFoundry documentation.

If you are running from within VSCode, you need to create a Workspace before using the -m (Modify settings.json) option.

Download and Installation

Check whether you have a previous version installed, using the command: cf plugins. If the ServiceManagement plugin is already installed, you need to uninstall it first and then to install the new version. You can uninstall the plugin using command cf uninstall-plugin ServiceManagement.

CF Community Plugin Repository

ServiceManagement CF CLI Plugin is available on the CF Community Repository. To install the latest available version of the ServiceManagement CLI Plugin execute the following:

cf install-plugin service-management

If you do not have the community repository in your CF CLI you can add it first by executing:

cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community

Manual Installation

Alternatively you can install any version of the plugin by manually downloading it from the releases page and installing the binaries for your specific operating system.


The latest version of the plugin can also be downloaded from the project's releases. Download the plugin for your platform (Darwin, Linux, Windows). The name for the correct plugin for each platform can be found in the table below.

Mac OS X 64 bit Windows 64 bit Linux 64 bit Windows 32 bit Linux 32 bit
ServiceManagement.osx ServiceManagement.win64 ServiceManagement.linux64 ServiceManagement.win32 ServiceManagement.linux32


Install the plugin, using the following command:

cf install-plugin <path-to-the-plugin> -f

Note: if you are running on a Unix-based system, you need to make the plugin executable before installing it. In order to achieve this, execute the following commad chmod +x <path-to-the-plugin>


The ServiceManagement CF plugin supports the following commands:

Command Name Command Description
service-manager-service-instances smsi Show service manager service instances for a service offering and plan. The default service offering is hana and the default service plan is hdi-shared. Defaults can be overriden with the -offeringand/or -planflags. Use the -credentials flag to show login credentials and certificates. Use the -o flag to show results in JSON, SQLTools or Txt format. It's possible to pipe the information to a file as shown in the examples below. When using -o SQLTools the -credentials flag will be set automatically. If -m is specified, an attempt to find the appropriate settings.json file will be made and ,if found, modify it. If -f is specified in addition to -m, connections that already exist in the settings.json file will be forceably updated.


cf service-manager-service-instances [SERVICE_MANAGER_INSTANCE] [-offering <SERVICE_OFFERING>] [-plan <SERVICE_PLAN>] [--credentials] [--meta] [--owner] [-o JSON | SQLTools | Txt] [-m [-f]]


cf service-manager-service-instances my-sm

cf service-manager-service-instances my-sm -o SQLTools

cf service-manager-service-instances my-sm -credentials

cf smsi my-sm -credentials -o JSON

cf smsi my-sm -credentials -o JSON > my-results.json

cf smsi my-sm -o SQLTools > settings.json

cf smsi my-sm -credentials > my-results.txt

cf smsi my-sm -credentials -o SQLTools -offering hanatrial -plan schema

cf smsi

cf smsi -m

cf smsi -m -f

For more information, see the command help output available via cf [command] --help or cf help [command].

Further Information



Refer to the CHANGELOG for revision details.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues.

How to obtain support

Create an issue in this repository if you find a bug or have questions about the content.

For additional support, ask a question in SAP Community.


Contact andrewlunde

Fork & create a branch

If this is something you think you can fix, then fork this repo and create a branch with a descriptive name.

Make a Pull Request

Go to GitHub and make a Pull Request

In the subject of the pull request, use feat: to denote an enhancement, fix: to denote a bug fix, chore: for small configuration updates or docs: for documentation updates and briefly describe the bug fix or enhancement you are contributing.


The Service Management plugin follows Semantic Versioning. These components strictly adhere to the [MAJOR].[MINOR].[PATCH] numbering system (also known as [BREAKING].[FEATURE].[FIX]).


Copyright (c) 2021 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file. Detailed information including third-party components and their licensing/copyright information is available via the REUSE tool.


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