SAP HANA Database Client for Go
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Go-hdb is a native Go (golang) HANA database driver for Go's sql package. It implements the SAP HANA SQL command network protocol:

For the official SAP HANA client Go support (not this database driver) please see SAP Help Portal.


go get


To build go-hdb you need to have a working Go environment with version 1.10.4 or higher installed.


API documentation and documented examples can be found at


To run the driver tests a HANA Database server is required. The test user must have privileges to create database schemas.

go test -dsn hdb://user:password@host:port


  • Native Go implementation (no C libraries, CGO).
  • Go package compliant.
  • Support of database/sql/driver Execer and Queryer interface for parameter free statements and queries.
  • Support of bulk inserts.
  • Support of UTF-8 to / from CESU-8 encodings for HANA Unicode types.
  • Built-in support of HANA decimals as Go rational numbers
  • Support of Large Object streaming.
  • Support of Stored Procedures with table output parameters.
  • Support of TLS TCP connections.
  • Support of little-endian (e.g. amd64) and big-endian architectures (e.g. s390x).



  • Additional Authentication Methods (actually only basic authentication is supported).