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SAP HANA INteractive Education (SHINE) is an education content to learn, develop and deploy SAP HANA Application Services (XS Engine) based applications within the SAP HANA Platform
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This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, v. 2 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

SHINE(SAP HANA Interactive Education)

In this blog I will share details on one of our highly successful and widely consumed Native HANA Application, SHINE (SAP HANA Interactive Education) demo content.

I will also share details of how you can import the SHINE delivery unit and view the various applications delivered with the demo content as well as explore the code to understand how you can starting building your own native HANA based applications.

What is SHINE – A Brief Overview and History?

SAP HANA INteractive Education (SHINE) is an education content used to learn, develop and deploy SAP HANA Application Services (XS Engine) based applications within the SAP HANA Platform. The SHINE content is designed and built on EPM (Enterprise Procurement Model) framework and includes all the data models, tables, views, dashboards etc. with a real enterprise use case.


SHINE – Goal & Objectives:
  • Enable a baseline model which can be used in SAP HANA educational materials where customers, partners and developers can use the content for self-study to learn the basic skills to develop and run their applications on top of SAP HANA Platform
  • Offer a source of best practice implementation examples, improving the quality of education content with real world business use case scenarios.
  • Add new scenarios, features & capabilities to enhance the content
Getting started with SHINE:
  1. Download The SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) delivery unit (DU) from HCO_DEMOCONTENT.tgz

  2. Click on File->Import-> SAP HANA Content -> Delivery UnitSelect your System and click on client and select the DU where you downloaded and import the DU.

File Import

Select SAP HANA Content -> Delivery Unit

Select Devlivery Unit

Select your System SID

Select System

Select Client and click on browse select the File which you downloaded in step 1 and click on Finish

Shine Import

Wait for Import status to be Completed Successfully

Shine Import Success

  1. Once Import is successful , assign role sap.hana.democontent.epm.roles::Admin to your user.

Assgin Role

  1. You can launch the application by launching http://<your Host>.<your port>/sap/hana/democontent/epm/

  2. Click on Check Prerequisite

Launch Pop Up

See if generate time data and create Synonyms is Green else click Generate Time Data and Create Synonyms Button.

Check Prerequisite

You can explore Various scenarios and HANA features.
You can find list of tutorials here

The following are some of the features and scenarios delivered with the SHINE demo content:


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