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UI5 Tooling

An open and modular toolchain to develop state-of-the-art applications based on the UI5 framework.

REUSE status OpenUI5 Community Slack (#tooling channel) Contributor Covenant

UI5 Tooling v4 is in development and next version 🛠️

UI5 Tooling v3 is the latest and stable version 🎉

UI5 Tooling v2 has been deprecated 🚫

Please migrate your projects to UI5 Tooling v3!



UI5 Tooling consists of multiple modules. Each one is managed in a separate repository:

  • ui5-cli: UI5 Command Line Interface, utilizing all of the following modules
  • ui5-project: Modules for building a UI5 project's dependency tree, including configuration
  • ui5-server: Modules for running a UI5 development server
  • ui5-builder: Modules for building UI5 projects
  • ui5-fs: UI5 specific file system abstraction
  • ui5-logger: Internal logging module

Usage Overview (arrows indicate dependencies) Module Overview


Please check our Contribution Guidelines.


Please follow our Contribution Guidelines on how to report an issue. Or chat with us in the #tooling channel of the OpenUI5 Community Slack. For public Q&A, use the ui5-tooling tag on Stack Overflow.