Draft of the E. coli ME model to succeed iOL1650-ME
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Reduced draft ME model of E. coli.

  • Citation for final model: TBA


Reduced ME model for rapid prototyping

  • ME_NLP_082815.mat

A reduced ME model. Mathematical formulation: max mu, s.t. S*v = b, mu*A*v + B*v = 0, lb <= v <= ub,

where v is the vector of fluxes in mmol/gDW/h (both metabolic and expression), and mu is the growth rate (1/h).

Standard double-precision solvers do not work well due to the multiscale nature of ME models. Therefore, a quad-precision-based solver suite (solveME) has been developed in a related effort: Yang, Ma, et al. (2016) BMC Bioinf 17:391.