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SBuild is a very fast, powerful and flexible build tool. It can be used to build anything you want and does not force any style, but its main target are all Java VM targeted projects. The main "script language" of SBuild is Scala. SBuild is a dependency-driven tool, so it will only do what is necessary, to build your requested target, nothing more and nothing less. SBuild can detect unchanged targets and dependencies, and will avoid doing the same task multiple times, if nothing has changed.

The project home page is:

How to build SBuild

SBuild is build with a previously released stable version of SBuild itself.

To build SBuild from source, you need to clone SBuild’s git repository. After changing into the newly created directory "sbuild", you should use the "sbuild-wrapper" script in the project directory to build sbuild. When executing sbuild-wrapper the first time, it will download the right version of SBuild and will use it.

The build process needs an installed version of GNU gettext. We will provide an alternative build which do not need any external tools, soon.

git clone
cd sbuild
./sbuild-wrapper all

To build everything, including executing the tests, you should use the "all" target.


We 're glad to welcome any kind of feedback and contributions.

We migrated all our tickets from Redmine to Github. Please no longer use the old Redmine issue tracker at for creting new or commenting existing tickets. Thank you!


SBuild - The magic-free yet powerful build tool.







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