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Instructions and templates for SC authors
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This repository contains materials to help submitting authors of the SC Conference Technical Program.

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQs repository.

AD/AE Appendix

Artifact Description (AD) appendices are required of all paper submissions to the SC19 Technical Program. Artifact Evaluation (AE) appendices are optional but encouraged.

The AD/AE Appendix will be automatically generated during submission, after the authors respond an online form. All authors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the questions in this form, with plenty of time before sumbission. See the PDF printout of the online form: AD-AE-AppendixForm.pdf

Reproducibility Resources

Example script for machine-generated environment data

In an effort to facilitate preparing the SC Artifact Description appendix, we provide a sample Bash shell script,, that queries the operating system for a variety of information. As written, the script is somewhat Linux-specific, but it should serve to provide ideas for similar scripts that run under other operating systems. The script should be run on one of the nodes that was used to gather the paper's experimental data (i.e., a compute node, not a head node).

At the time of this writing, invokes the following commands:

  • lsb_release: report the Linux distribution
  • uname: report the kernel version and base architecture
  • lscpu (or cat /proc/cpuinfo): report CPU characteristics
  • cat /proc/meminfo: report virtual and physical memory capacity
  • lspci: list all PCI devices
  • lshw: list all hardware devices
  • lsblk: list all block devices
  • lsscsi: list all SCSI devices
  • env: list all environment variables currently in use
  • module list: list all loaded Environment Modules
  • nvidia-smi: report characteristics and configuration of NVIDIA GPUs

There is some redundancy in information provided by the preceding tools, but note that not every tools is available on every system. The goal is to acquire as much information as possible on as many types of systems as possible.

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