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SCS Blender Tools

SCS Blender Tools are official tools for model and asset creation for trucking games by SCS Software. You can download actual version free of charge using GitHub repository "".

Blender is multi-platform Open Source application for 3D content creation and you can download it free of charge on "".

What tools are included:

  • SCS mid-format importer
  • SCS mid-format exporter
  • Multi-object system
  • Part/Variant system
  • Special Locators
  • SCS Material system (using shader presets)
  • Special tool-shelf with additional tools

Installation and Usage:

Addon is located in "addon/io_scs_tools" folder. Use standard Blender addon installation procedure for installing it. For more information visit wiki at "".


  • In case of trouble installing SCS Blender Tools make sure you're using compatible Blender version. SCS Blender Tools for Blender versions prior 2.75 are not supported.

Help, questions, troubleshooting:

If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding SCS Blender Tools, please visit forum at "" and don't hesitate to ask if your problem wasn't addressed already. Also don't miss the wiki ("") for many useful tips and docs.


For reporting bugs please visit forum at "".


SCS Blender Tools are developed and distributed under GNU GPL v2 ("").

SCS Blender Tools Team